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Windows 10 Insider is not getting any more updates

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Been stuck with this problem for a long time.

When I select Release Preview in choosing which updates to receive I get a message that there are no new updates to install. (Also in Beta)

When I select DEV I get an update called "Windows 10 Insider Preview 21354.1 (co_release)" which repeatedly fails with the error code "0x80070057"

Of course, the damn system always raises a message that my version has expired two months ago. 🙄


The current version is: 2004

Image: 20180.1000

"Experience": 120.19101.0.0


* What I was not looking for on the net including deleting services Deleting the Distribution folder and returning the services again.

* Proper testing of system files.

Looking for something that will do deep plowing before I despair and have to install a clean copy with no choice (run away from it due to the amount of software and settings I will have to perform again)

Anyone have an idea? Anyone had a similar problem before? Maybe some utility that goes deep into the system and performs cleaning / repairs?

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I tried.

Writes to me that I am invited for a clean installation and it is not possible to save any file / application.

"You may be using a newer version"


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I have not tried to contact Microsoft but I will definitely not repeat this mistake again.

Thank you Yotam :) On the idea,

Trying now in child 1 backwards might work.

Actually on a second computer, I have 2004 after all it is the next 20H1 followed by the current build 20H2 there is nothing else in the middle there is only the 21H1 on the way.

Going back to 19H2 for sure will not go.


Another point:

I see that the "experience" of the user in 20H2 is 19042.906 And for me it's 19101 Maybe there's a connection? No updates because I have something that precedes the experience in the next version after it?

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