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Recommendation for a home Internet router around 500-600 NIS


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I was fed up with a tin router of , And I decided to buy a new home router and set it up myself - I started doing research and got really lost. 

My budget is around 500 NIS (a little more, a little less) - if the budget is not realistic then please I would love to know. Most of the use of the house is streaming on TV (Netflix and my home Plex media server), surfing the Internet, YouTube, etc. My partner and I use heavy internet and work remotely with the internet. No


In terms of requirements (from the most important to the least important):

  • Strong reception range and ability to hold several connections in parallel (lights And smart air conditioner - as of right now, probably more will be added). 
  • I still dont have But soon there will be - so a router that will support the speed of (1-2G?) 
  • Good security and long-term hardware updates (as much as possible)
  • If there is a router with features of - So it can be interesting and I would love to understand what it actually includes and whether it is worth the investment.
  • A router that will last a long time and not get old too quickly, that I can sell at a reasonable price after two or three years and renew with a more progressive one. 


What I have found so far: 

  • It seems to me that the best I have found is the Tp-Link ARCHER AX50 AX3000 Dual-Band 6 around the 500 NIS
    But its security is pretty outdated (fix me if I'm wrong), and not so much where to buy it in the country.
  • There is the Xiaomi Mi AloT AC2350 R2350 router for 300 NIS. 
    That I understood he was supposed to be fine and with features of , But I have trust issues with this company. And it also seems to me that his absorption is not amazing at all. 



I realized that ksp have become McDonalds (and for that matter they claim that the modems on the site at a 50% discount that I regret) so where is it recommended to purchase hardware?

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