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The computer crashes after 10-15 minutes of play


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Your video card is more or less on fire, for a start you can just try to clean the case and cooling of the video card well and maybe that will suffice, but given that we are not yet in the summer I would at least recommend replacing a thermal ointment.

If you want to invest, order new (and suitable) thermal pads and a thermal ointment and a replacement.
Another thing you can do in the meantime is download afterburner and lower the power% of the card to some 60% and see if the temperatures are more reasonable.

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Well I have no explanation for how the cooler does nothing, but it certainly does nothing it is definitely impressive given the fact that now replacing a thermal ointment, maybe the springs on the screws that are supposed to put pressure on the heatsink are finished? Try putting a shaver or something with the screws and raising the pressure of the hit sink a bit.

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Quote of a questionman

This is the card from the inside.

I will clean the residue and apply a new ointment but I do not see where I can put pads.



Israel Dries Up - Google Search | Greek statue, Statue, Artwork

Lol wow he had dry .....

Sure you cleaned the old ointment well on both sides (both on the GPU and on the block itself)?

Have you put enough ointment? Does the block create enough contact on the core?

You can remove the block again and see what the residue on the core looks like. If the ointment does not cover all (or 90%) of the core then you have not died well.

Upload an image of the fan. Could it be that it is full of dust around its axis at a level that is stopping it from moving around freely?

I would clean it well and put a drop (really a drop) of oil in its axis (check on youtube there are guides on how to do it). It is important to clean the dust first so that the dust and oil do not form "mud"

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Thanks to everyone, the problem (pictured) has been resolved.

I opened it completely and cleaned the dust from the cooling by force (as if glued to it with glue) until it was shiny.


I ran the game for 20 minutes and the temperature was 45-65 degrees with the fans on 43% -45% (I checked in MSI Afterburner and they are on auto so I did not touch).


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Quote of Moon-Mage

... for starters you can just try to thoroughly clean the case and the cooling of the video card struggle and maybe that will suffice ...

May God protect you, how to replace a thermal ointment without seeing this dust wall: X.
We'll be glad you did.

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