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Help in OC to 10700k


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Some questions after viewing the buildzoid guide and also some general ones.

I pretty much understood the idea and already wrote down exactly the settings to play with, the tensions, etc.

The only thing that bothered me was that he says all OC should be done on a system 10 Clean in a separate partition

And if you do it in the existing partition there is a situation that it will knock the operating system and I will have to reinstall Windows with all that entails (games, software, etc.)

Granted the process takes a relatively long time + while testing your computer is disabled. But install On another drive or partition

Doing all the tests there and then cleaning everything that finishes and moving to work with the main partition seems to me like a great deal of work.

Add to that the part that over time you have to play with the settings anyway due to changing temperatures such as our summer, dust accumulation

And with minimal wear and tear of the components it seems that even so I will have to do the OC and these tests more than once, as opposed to one time concentrating at first and running with it for years.

At first I was looking for pre-made definitions of what he called magic numbers but I realized that this is not how stability is really tested.

I understood from other videos that it is not advisable to let the board do an automatic OC because it puts a voltage of 1.60 and it is recommended not to exceed the 1.45

According to him, there is also a situation where the computer will undergo long LINPACK or prime95 tests, but it will crash in games.

I have also seen in other OC videos that they use other tests (heaven benchmark)

So what exactly is the process of testing stability in games? 

Is there any other OC manual on this processor in the GIGABYTE boards?

If I'm with 4 sticks of It loads on the cattle In the processor and will limit me even to the extent that I do not do any OC for memories?

How important is the thermal ointment in this whole story? And if so, which one should you use?

For the technical data I have noctua d15 cooling and auros master board and 4X8gb memories 3600 cl16


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There are two reasons to do OC: because you want to mess with it for fun and to see how much you can get out of the system or because your hardware is dying and you are trying to pull some more time with it.
Since you do not seem to belong to any group just leave it.

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