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Specifications for a very strong (but quiet) stationary and reliable for running simulations. I would love an opinion

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I'm looking for a very powerful desktop computer - with a lot of cores and enough , But let it be quiet - because he's sitting in my office. It also needs to be reliable - it is supposed to handle running simulations - ie software that will employ its processors continuously (24/7) for several months.

There should also be an NVIDIA video card, because I want to use CUDA to run Deep Learning. The budget is up to NIS 20,000 (at the expense of the work ...)

Here is a specification they offered me. It contains valuable components to handle the continuous work:

CPU: R9 5950X 16- 32-Threads 3.4GHz up to 4.9GHz 64MB

Motherboard: X570 XTREME (16 phases)

CPU cooler: be quiet! Dark Rock 4 Pro CPU Cooler

GPU: RTX 3070 Aorus Master 8GB Retail

 Memory: 2 X 16GB XPG SPECTRIX D50 RGB 3200MHz Grey

Disk: 1TB MZ-V8P1T0BW (980 Pro) M.2

PSU: 1000W HX1000i PS 80+ Platinum Modular

Homes: Define 7 Black

OS: Microsoft 10 Pro x64

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Do not know...

Not such a wow relative to budget and goals.

While much depends on the simulations (what they are working on),

But still, that's not it.

Why not TR?

Why not 3080?


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Without knowing how much you are paying for this thing it is hard to form an opinion on most things.
Your uses are also not very clear, some Do your simulations consume? How important is it to you to use CUDA (because if very important I would take 3080)? 

By and large the specifications look Very Wasted, as if someone tried to raise the price to the maximum (and even the one who built it does not have 3080 in stock), why do you need such an expensive board, case and supplier (expensive does not necessarily mean stable or better, many times it means there will be all kinds of features that are not safe That you even need)? Very few Relative to the budget and again ultra expensive storage that you will not necessarily need.

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The price is 17,000.

The simulations do not require much . I also thought of settling for 16, but I realized that 32 is already better. After all, I'm not sure about the quality of this memory.

As for the other components - I wanted a very reliable supplier, a board with 16 phases (again, reliability), and the case was chosen because I saw reviews on it that it is particularly quiet.


I can compromise on the graphics card, because no serious work is currently planned on it - training models that are not too large, once in a while

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Quote of A-10


As stated, the hidden rabbi over the visible.

Maybe I'll come back after two pages of discussion,

When the picture is clearer.

In the meantime, good luck.

The simulations are programs we write in C ++ or Java. They try to solve difficult (computational) problems by intensively searching the space of possibilities. This is not some purchased software.

I was debating about , But in the end I decided not because some of the tasks would be single thredded, and some would be multi-threded, so it seemed to me that 5950 would be more suitable.

As for the graphics card, as I wrote, the use of deep-learning will be in very low percentages, so I do not think it is worth investing in 3080. The ability of the computer to work on 100% CPU (say) for a few weeks is much more important to me, and it is something that computer Normal gaming is not required for it.


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