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Alienware aw3420dw

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Hello everyone, 
Has anyone come out to experiment with this screen and might be interested in telling experiences?
I'm thinking of buying it but hesitating, 
1. Is it worth the price? I found the best one here for NIS 3900
2. I have g 14 The model of 2060. Anyone went out to try this combination and knows how to tell me is this computer capable of swiping the screen in AAA games?
At least at 60fps on High


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I have the previous model: AD3418DW + 2080SUPER.

Amazing screen.


With the previous card (GTX9604GB) there were games that I also reached 70FPS, but in the vast majority of games I was between 40-60FPS.

I of course do not consider the games that would not have been possible to play at all without dramatic compromises in the settings.


I estimate that by 2060 the situation will be better, but not far from it.


In my opinion a screen with such a resolution requires 2080SUPER and above (and of course And a processor that will not limit).

By the way, the price sounds cheap (too) for a screen with a panel And GSYNC of this size.



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