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Hello everyone , 

Today and as always I have an INTEL based system, I want to take a step and make a transition to the system .

I always bought the K processors even though I never did OC (yes I know a waste of money)

Today I have:

I7 8700K processor 



Power Supply 750W


Screen 3070 TRIO-X



I would like to work for a smaller package such as : Corsair 4000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid Tower

And it's important to note that I do not want the top but not the simple something intermediate.

I'll be glad to receive your help :-)

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The truth is not the most possible a little stressed and also I just got the video card.

So you say it's better to still stay that way until performance is compromised.

What bothers me the most is the case maybe I will just upgrade it I do not feel like the huge case already.

Just a question of general knowledge What is the direction of the AMD system?

And is it worthwhile to largely move from (And it's clear to me this time not to take a K processor) or not?

Edited By regev_k
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Then move a case.
What do you do with the computer? For games then 5600X with board Cheap (DS3H for example).
For uses that require multiple cores then 5800X with A little less cheap (tuf gaming plus).
And anything that is not a professional use that requires a large number of cores has no reason for more than that.

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There's no need for 32GB right now and I'm running Cyberpunk on Ultra.
In short you will be back for another year or two and we will build you an upgrade with a new generation of And DDR5 right now you will not be able to feel the difference between a new computer and the computer you have.

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I7 8700K processor 



Power Supply ASUS 750W


Screen MSI RTX 3070 TRIO-X


Maximum video card length: 360 mm
Maximum power supply length: 180 mm (220 mm in HDD cage removal)
height Maximum processor: height 170 mm


There does not seem to be a problem ... fix me if I'm wrong.



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  • 2 weeks later ...

Hello everyone , 

Unfortunately after purchasing the above package A: Corsair 4000D AIRFLOW Tempered Glass Mid Tower 

One problem.

The cooler I have NOCUTA DH-15 does indeed come in as I thought but only with one fan because the other is backed up because of the memory and it interferes with the door quarantine.

So a recommendation on water :

Preference for white that will fit the case.

Edited By regev_k
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