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NZXT Hale 82 750W 10 years old buy a new supplier or ...?


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I did CPU and GPU stress tests together

Not for a long time ... and there was no problem


I actually quite want to buy a new one

But there are those on the net who say that if there is no problem with the supplier it is a shame to buy a new one because there are protections


I was thinking of buying an RM750X


Antec EarthWatts GOLD PRO 750W


Currently the computer with the 10400F processor

RX 580

The total consumption of the computer according to the 350W website


I'm waiting for a price drop of 10900K

And probably in the distant future to buy a more serious video card


Thanks for the consultation

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I do not know your specific supplier, but quality suppliers can carry for decades and I think your system does not take even 300W, but maybe only you run furmark and cinbench together.
I personally would not upgrade as long as everything works and the supplier comes from a good house (seasonal, delta and the like).
In terms of future component upgrades, even with the 3070 I would have stayed with this power (again, as long as it is a reasonable model from a good house).

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