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PCIE4 Default on B450?

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While briefly tinkering with memory I went into the motherboard tab in cpu-z and found that the board ran on PCIE4 without touching anything (I messed with the resizable bar and memory and that's as far as I can remember), now I'm not complaining or anything I was just wondering if this is the expected behavior or it Strange as I thought it was.
I did not even know this was an option to try.



And if I've already opened it why does it run at 8GT / s at all? (It actually completely eliminates the whole thing as far as I understand that PCIE4X8 = PCIE3X16)

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Do these boards even support Gen 4?


I'm not a great expert like you but my relative purchased a board that has both gen 3 and gen 4. Connection of Having gen 3 to connect the gen 4 caused the board to recognize it for a period of only a few minutes.


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The driver also needs to support PCIE4, if it does not, no matter what the hardware, the connection will not reach these speeds. Apparently the driver writers have not implemented the bug fixes needed to support this interface yet and that's why it's still at the previous speed.

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