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Synology RT2600ac + MR2600ac Simple MESH solution ... wow!


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Hey friends.


These devices so impressed me that I had to share! About products And especially products Of leading manufacturers with lots of features one can write reviews of many pages of text upon text upon text. There is a lot to write, really not missing. But bottom line, there are some very basic things we look for when looking for a router or any product Other. for example:

1.      Which will be a comprehensive solution - which will also provide good reception throughout the house and will also enable the management of network traffic, for example.

2.      That will be convenient to operate - that we will not need To perform simple operations

3.      Let it be secure - that it will both protect us and that we will finally have some control over what happens on our network and why our children are exposed.

4.      Be reliable - it will not collapse from load every few days, it will not break down after a few months

5.      For the more technical people - to have as many features, as much as possible, that we can control and change everything.


So from the very beginning, when you take the devices out of the box, you see and feel that these are quality devices that may be arguably their design, but certainly their physical quality. (build quality). You can see from the beginning that this is a premium product.


When reviewing the physical features of the device in terms of processor, memory, wireless component enabling MU-MIMO Together with its software components that allow control over almost everything, protection components and a web filtering interface understand that there is a device here that aims high and also delivers the goods. And indeed constitutes a completely comprehensive solution. In my 5 room apartment, the router easily provided reception throughout the house and even on the balcony and also in the hallway. He also managed to penetrate the MMAD, but to a small extent. By the way, for those who already have a connection at home On top of fiber - this device "eats" a connection up to 1 GB without sweating! For those who are also interested in the unit e MESH For the purpose of expanding the cover, the connection of the unit to the main router is made in just 3 clicks and with ease.


When it comes to convenience and simplicity of use we enter districts where Sinology Company is light years ahead of its competitors. As well as in e NAS Of the company, here too, the interface is nothing short of a masterpiece. Beyond the fact that it looks good, it is less of an interface but more of an operating system. It actually has an operating system with That you can move, minimize, enlarge, do really multi-tasking. Exactly so. The interface is so convenient and intuitive that it is a breach of equality in my opinion compared to any other product in a way that also allows ease of use for less technical users and at the same time, for more technical users, it also allows lots of super advanced things that do not exist in many routers on the market. If I had to choose one thing that is really unusual in this device compared to other devices it is the interface or more correctly, the operating system.




In terms of information security, beyond the fact that many routers on the market do not provide information security / protection tools at all, this Sinology device has a lot of tools and ways in which our network can be made much more secure. We have here IPS \ IDS, We have malicious web filtering and in addition, and this is something I as a father of children was blown away by the charms of this device is the ability to restrict and filter the internet for users according to different profiles. For example, you can create a profile at a level Where all devices and users will not be able to access certain types of sites but it is also possible to take it a step further. You can create a profile for each user, assign to the profile the devices belonging to that user and then apply to that profile and all the landlords associated with it a particular site filtering and another profile filtering another site. For example, you can filter for your children drug sites, violence, etc. and also create a schedule when they are even allowed to connect to the Internet and at the same time create a much more permissive filter for the adults. Just an experience!




In terms of reliability, like all Sinology products, quality assurance is the name of the game. Although the devices are new in Israel, they have been sold around the world for a long time and are highly praised. The device has been with me for close to a month with a fairly large workload and is not even close to the Lacrosse, its resource utilization is not even close to 50 percent during peak working hours.


Features! There are and there are lots! Among other things: management QOS, Port forwarding, DMZ, VPN Of all types including SITE TO SITE, A print server, a file server, a web block, a torrent download app and even a connection to an Active Directory.




For the sake of objectivity, there are also some drawbacks to the device:

1.      There is no real support for VLANS

2.      Unable to merge multiple ports into one faster logical port

3.      Relatively high price

4.      Management through Mobile exists but is relatively limited


In conclusion:

This is a device that is a real workhorse, with a beautiful interface and rich in features in an unprecedented way. Despite all the disadvantages, I think it is a device that, although not new to the market, is still advancing in light years compared to its competitors and certainly in relation to devices from cheaper manufacturers. Highly recommended especially for lovers of the genre.





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