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Is Intel still relevant? But maybe for a short time.

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From a short stroll through the stores it seems that Intel has some not-so-bad offers at the moment and I thought you might want to share them and hear what some of you have to say.
First of all because AMD has completely abandoned the entry-level processors (for gaming, at least in my opinion) the 10400F from the previous generation and the 11400F from the current generation are a great option for a low budget.
The 10600 KF also brings excellent performance in relation to cost (costs about the same as the 3600's Only significantly better) even if the cost of the board is slightly more expensive.

The 10700K may not seem the most relevant, as it costs significantly more than the 5600 X which passes it in many things and also requires a more serious supplier and a more expensive board, but if someone needs more cores (for streaming or rendering for example) it is a very reasonable option especially in relation to its replacement. existence.

But the processor that surprised me the most is actually the I9 10850K which costs less than 5800 X, not much worse than it in most uses and even better in some and even where it is less good it is still not bad at all, the only problem is that if you want to speed it you need Serious and also add a bit on a more expensive board and better power, but also in stock the performance is great and if in the future there will be use for more than 8 cores maybe there will be even further improvement.

By and large the hierarchy for buying a processor for general uses + gaming at the moment looks like this in my opinion (from low to high):


5600X \ 10700KF

10850K \ 5800X



And it kinda surprised me to see the previous generation I9 and I7 in the middle and did not surprise me that there is no right to exist for any new generation processor of Except for their input processor.
A little sad that soon this list will just be Except for the 11400 F and that's just that Just completely ignore this segment, so if someone is thinking of regenerating soon and he needs more than six cores maybe it's time to actually buy a processor Which somehow now gives more cores for less money, at least until Generation Ten is finally gone.

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I think they dominate excellently in the low segment right now.

And it does not matter that the price of the board has gone up. Since there is nothing to do in this regard, the board is more expensive due to the amount of layers of PCB that have increased following the transition to PCIE4. And also lowered ribs (On the cheap boards) because the copper on the card can absorb more heat.


In terms of viability:

There is no point in buying an i5 10400F when you have the i5 10600KF for less than 900 NIS.

Between the i5 11400F and the i5 10600KF the previous generation wins games.

When there is no longer the previous generation they will return to the i5 11400F.

The currently interesting processor that can succeed is the i5 11600 without the K. Its price is attractive at 1,000 NIS.

I did not really find any information about him and it is interesting how he is in games and how the graph of his turbo boost behaves.

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Quote of Jabberwock

There is no point in buying an i5 10400F when you have the i5 10600KF for less than 900 NIS.

But if you want really good performance from 10600 KF you need a tablet Or B560, which cost significantly more than the B460 board, and even then the processor is more expensive by NIS 150.
Not everyone has another 400-500 shekels for the budget, but I do agree that the 11400F can be deleted from the list because the 10600 KF is simply better.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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Quote of Moon-Mage

Want really good performance from what 10600 KF you need a board Z490 Which costs significantly more than a B460 board and even then the processor is more expensive by NIS 150

I did not see comparisons. But the B460 is not expected to lower the CPU frequency. There is only a memory frequency limit of 2666 MHz. Non-critical limit if there are 2 sticks . If you have information on the subject feel free to bring it and wait.

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It does nothing for the processor other than lock its multiplier, but from what I have seen the performance impairment resulting from the speed of memory is very significant, I will find something that talks about it.
Let's start with this even though it's a very low level video


There's the gamer's video Which shows the scaling if you use fast memory and you can also map here (not one hundred percent of course) what happens in the opposite direction


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Suppose it is true, what is the problem with the list? The 10600 KF is more expensive than the 10400 F, every source I have seen has shown that the performance impairment between 2666 and 3600 is tens of percent.
If you want to split the 10600 KF to 10600 KF with b460 for a really low budget then B560 \ Z490 on higher budgets.
And as for memory, it does not seem to me that it can be guaranteed to anyone, but I would love to see a test of 3600CL16 sticks at lower timings and lower frequencies.

In a slightly different tone I should get this weekend i9 10850 and 4000mhz cl18 memory so I will try to see there differences in memory between 4000 CL18 and 4000 with the lowest timings I can and 3600 CL16 and 3600 with the lowest timings I can succeed (does not guarantee I will try too much, it's really annoying to mess with timings ).

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I would love to see if you have a source that shows that 10600 KF is better than 10400 F on B460 more than 20% which is how much 10600 KF is more expensive than 10400 F.
Beyond that these differences in games will only be discovered if you use a low resolution and there is a very powerful video card that would not make sense to put in a specification with a low budget, on the contrary nowadays we also have a 5 year old card sold at a higher price than it sold out.
I just want to clarify, the 10600 KF is an excellent processor and there is no doubt that it will take a very serious segment between the 10400 F and 5600 X, but I do not think it is the entry processor, you are more than welcome to think otherwise of course.

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The interesting processor at the moment is the i5 11600. And what happens that the 65W limit is eliminated.

Here we see that the i5 11400F is locked at 4.2GHz.

If we rely on the information in the 10th generation that the differences between 10500 and 10400 were 200MHz turbo difference for all cores.

Then the i5 11600 reaches 4.6GHz.

If you compare the Reisen 5600X and its price, I think it is better. What's more, the majority will work in a configuration of 2 sticks And not 4 who prefers travel.

what is he saying?

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The 11600 may also be excellent, but I have not yet seen too much information about it and I would love to edit here and add that I will see tests on it.
In terms of memory you are right that 4 sticks of 8 are better with the 5600 X but the ranking is sub and also two sticks of 16 will give the maximum most of the time, but yes, Reisen has strange preferences with .
If you have any tests of the 11600 from reasonable sources I would love to see.

EDIT: DA This behavior also exists in the other processors of And you can also turn off the turbo boost duration in some motherboards, which gives a serious boost to performance in tasks that require a lot of processing power over time, but also greatly increases the power consumption and heat that the processor emits.

EDIT 2: Look there in the original you brought up the performance of all the processors in the games, the differences are completely negligible between the 10600 \ 11600 \ 10400 \ 11400 over FHD and also in FHD they are not insane.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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gear 1 is that the memory and CPU work at a ratio of 1: 1 and gear 2 is that they work at different rates (to reduce the CPU memory controller load).
You will see improvement in gear 2 only if your memory Oh Faster than the CPU, something like 4400MHZ cl16 or something.

Edited By Moon-Mage
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