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Question 240V to 110V


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Quote of daniel02


I will do everything to download a field this is a problem and needs to be solved 

There is nothing that can "lower a field". Each electromagnetic device produces a magnetic field. How good that there is no problem with that.

And if you think logically, then adding more electromagnetic components like a transformer to the system, will only increase the field and not reduce it ...

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First to your original question: Transformers that convert 240v to 120v have two main parameters: peak power and continuous power. Depending on the load you intend to connect to the transformer you need to make sure that it does not need its peak more than the peak that the transformer is capable of and as a continuous state.
Also note that the transformer may be noisy and overheating.

Regarding the device you are using:
The device measures noise on AC voltage in mvpp units when below 50 it is considered noisy. In addition, to detect the noise source the device beeps according to the rate of change in the intensity of the electromagnetic field. The idea is that noise from a radio or motor transmitter source or a current breach are of a different nature that you can actually hear the difference.
In the picture, the reading shows that there is actually no noise at all on the line. 1mvpp is like nothing and could have been a measurement problem. The device is still trying to characterize this negligible noise factor and I guess it sounds something at a very high frequency or even continuous, but it does not really matter because there is actually no noise. Imagine a radio that is tuned to a frequency that is not transmitted and simply increases the volume, you will hear a loud noise but it is not a radio transmission. But even if the measurement shows a high value, it matters to the supplier of a computer, but sensitive equipment.

If you care about a clean ac source for your computer (even though computers are not at all sensitive to the ac input) the devices you want to buy will probably not be able to improve the noise.

If you are afraid of electromagnetic radiation what ups or it interferes with other equipment the only solution is to physically keep it away, you can also go to another room if possible.

There may be other solutions like a Faraday cage or things like that but you did not write down what problem you are really trying to solve.

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Quote of NR


Update: I now see that this is an old post and the problem of the spinach opener has already been resolved.


I will try to contribute a bit to this discussion from the perspective of sensitive audio equipment which is the thing that is most affected by electrical pollution and the like @. First thing for those who wrote that it does not exist, so it does exist and it is simpler than it sounds. In fact the electrical array in a home is always affected by a loop of electricity inside and outside the home. While not necessarily measured by electromagnetic radiation that is not completely related. In most cases, the job of those who deal with this will be to locate which components in the house add to the micro fluctuations in the power grid (noise). Now it is important for me to note that the electrical system in the house is not a closed loop. In fact the electrical connection can get the same noises even outside the house from the street or from electrical poles near the house and the like. In some cases even Marca sleeps in the building. Now in many new buildings in the country there are no problems of humm Or buzz and all sorts of things at frequencies of 50 Hz (or 60 abroad) because of stricter standards, but this is another common example that is easy to discover in audio.


Now for troubleshooting. There are many ways in which audiophiles spend money and it is not something I will get into. Some of the solutions in my opinion are less recommended and I will explain who can help and who can do damage and what is actually too big an investment for the solution he offers.

There are a lot of filters that actually what they do are pushing reverse noise at its frequency from what is running in the mains. Some will say that it clears something for them, but in practice it creates noise and everything that creates noise is not something I recommend, although it is a solution that is thought to be easy and convenient.


As for doubt Online And so on, so most things that are sold around 800-1500 shekels can change the distortion in the wavelength and other things that are measured in very small units of measure. In fact they do not really help much in clearing noise. Although in many cases God doubt works through battery, But it is neither sterile nor accurate in its sampling rate. Unfortunately special devices designed for really serious use in the field cost thousands or tens of thousands of shekels and in my opinion their place is only in serious recording studios and not in people's homes (although I do not fit into anyone's pocket).  


As for cables and all that I do not want to go in even, because it is usually something that creates a lot of anti.

Now for the product you thought of from eBay, if you want to buy something like this anyway - I would buy in the country something that supports 220 volts from a reputable company. There is in "Avi Yaffe"  Cleaners and splitters of IFI  Who are supposed to do what you wanted. Now there are also other companies that are not audio companies that do the same thing.כבלים-ואביזרים/IFI




It is better to invest the money in reasonable audio equipment that knows how to deal with some noise in the lines at the entrance, than in inventions that cost more than the audio equipment in question, and most of which are all snake oil.


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Quote of ZiggyMan



It is better to invest the money in reasonable audio equipment that knows how to deal with some noise in the lines at the entrance, than in inventions that cost more than the audio equipment in question, and most of which are all snake oil.


I agree with you 100 percent. @ZiggyMan

Edited By NR
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