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I ordered an installation of Cellcom Faber and am afraid I made a mistake - should I cancel?


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Hi guys,

Following on from this topic: https://hwzone.co.il/community/topic/602692-כמה-שאלות-על-סיבים-ומה-שמסביב/

I was a bit delayed with the order, but yesterday I called and arranged an installation for next week.

I asked the representative for a fiber adapter and she told me to tell the technician as well before he comes to install.

I thought you could ask them for a fiber adapter and then connect it to my private router (C7), but then I read a bit on the net and saw that it is not really possible at Cellcom (compared to a partner that has not yet reached me).

Is it really not possible to connect the fiber adapter to my router and just surf? If so, I think I will cancel the installation / deal with them.

I would love to hear from your knowledge if this is possible or not.

Thanks in advance!

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I do not know what to think anymore.

People say they tried connecting with a fiber optic adapter and a private router and it just did not work.

Write that the reason is (do not catch me in the word, but it is the mindset) that the cause of Need to identify equipment of At the edge to work (as opposed to a partner who just works).

Do not know whether to undo the installation or just let them install and then try to connect (and if it does not work then undo).

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Quote of red4ever

I'll try to ask there. Thanks.

I would love to hear if anyone here has anything to add to the matter.

I had a fiber of last week installed And I got entangled with it, too. They do not give a fiber coordinator and the "technicians" in their support center are not really technicians. Only senior technicians are really technicians.


It is possible to connect your router to their router and it is important to put in the settings of their router a DMZ mode that it basically exposes your router directly to the internet, as if it was itself connected to the fiber.


I did it with the MESH system

Works well for me.


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If their technician arrives without a fiber adapter (and I'll explain to him that I'm only interested in a fiber adapter connected to my router),

So I'll tell him not to start work at all and cancel the deal. I really do not want to mess with their equipment.

thank you for the answer.

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First of all, I'm with 200/5 (in a triple of With price of customer retention). No one has died from it yet.

Second thing, someday partners will come here, and it seems they are not interested in losing a customer of years ahead because of a fiber adapter that costs a penny and a half.

So yes, if they do not bring me a fiber adapter I will cancel the deal (and I have a feeling that if that is the case, they will crawl to me on all fours with a fiber adapter, because they too will understand that they are dumb at some point). But we'll wait for Monday and get smarter.

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