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Connecting a TV to speakers for improved music listening quality

Booster Caputa

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I moved into a new house in preparation for 5 Ramokal, I have With codes for the purpose of mainly hearing .


I would like to improve the quality of the music I hear from this system.


My question is very general in order to understand something very basic first -


If I install what is commonly called a "system Home "which includes a receiver + 5.1 - Would it be optimistic for listening to music? Or is such a configuration only good / especially for movies / series?

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receiver My home from a good company, and a model not simple but a little taller would do Excellent without any problem 
And it will be better for those who see as well Let it be more comfortable unless in advance you are content with two channels then it is better than a stereo amplifier and that is more than enough for a good sound.
Those who prefer a dedicated stereo amplifier, are more those for whom the stereo field is important, and are not willing to take compromises and invest in the field. So prefer a stereo amplifier stereo amplifier.

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In terms of sound quality thing Most important before a receiver or amplifier of one kind or another is the speakers and especially the two front ones.

Music is mostly recorded in stereo, that is, for two speakers, unless it is about watching live performances Or something like that. Much The 5.1 systems consist of small speakers that are unable to produce the full frequency range required for music. If on Such is the case so it is not ideal.



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Usually the receiver has such options that take music on two channels and try to do a 5-channel simulation on all the speakers. It's quite a matter of personal taste, not everyone likes the result. here also The rear speakers have a relatively secondary role.

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You should invest in the two front speakers, which will be used for playback .


From my experience with Of different types mixed together in system 5.1, playback Of all the speakers together it sounds less good because the rear has a lesser range so the sound sounds different there.

But as they say there are those who like it.

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