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Recommendation for a large, cold and quiet case


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I currently have a case  phantom full tower over ten years old starting to wear out, guess you can hold on to it for a few more years but maybe this is a chance to replace.

What I love about the case is that it is large and comfortable in a way that has never limited me in terms of components and coolers.

I also liked that it is smooth and elegant, although I would have preferred the next case to be even more rectangular.  


I would really love recommendations for a recommended package


The requirements from the case :

Large (does not have to be huge as proven)



That would look elegant, like furniture only with a transparent window that would have some RGB light 

Price 500-600 NIS


I understand I can buy the H710i which is the replacement of my case, but is a bit expensive.

I saw that they recommend e Fractal Design Meshify 2 but it is not common and also a bit expensive

Level below them I saw the Asus GT501, I did not see a sweeping recommendation about it


What do you recommend?

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If you do not connect to the Antech NX800 they also have the DF700 and from different companies you have the corsair 4000D or 5000D or if you want So 4000X, the Pentax has some versions of good airflow (the models with the A at the end) and of course the Lian li also has some options but they are already out of budget in my opinion.

(I personally have the NX800 and I am very happy with it, it comes with two 200mm fans in the front and another 140 in the back that are above and beyond and only they would cost about as much as the case if you tried to buy them yourself).

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I could not understand the difference between the corsair 4000D and 4000 X, both have lighting, besides the X has another fan which is always good.

I did not find the 5000 in the networks.

The NX800 is very beautiful to me, the DF700 a little less. It's an advantage for me to have over 3 ports (Keyboard / remote / headphones).

but Not seemingly considered a better company?


My current video card has Built-in water size 240 so that in each case you can put it up and leave the fans of the case front and back.

The processor has High air of noctua (14 or 15 something, not closed on exact size) does not seem to me to be a problem.

Right now my motherboard is ATX and the truth is that there is no more Maybe there's no point in EATX anymore. 


I do not have enough understanding to choose between all the options, I would love to understand the benefits of each model.

This is an advantage for me a case that does not close me any future option.

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If you are satisfied with how the NX800 looks to you, you will not find anything that will give you value at this level from any other company.
The 4000 D is with Front and the 4000 X is with glass with side spacing.
The 4000 X comes with three 120GB GB fans and the 4000D comes with two 120mm fans without lights (the simplest there are).

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