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DATA package Surfing only VS Standard package Surfing SMS calls


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I noticed that the DATA surfing package is more expensive than the regular surfing / calling / SMS package, that I make downloads with the regular package, for example a gigabyte / two carrier Straight down the speed from 20 to 2 MB castrates the speed even though my package is large, I saw that there is a DATA package that is more expensive and it is just Is the web name for more downloads? And the internet is not as neutered as usual? Or is it the same thing? 

A package of 1000 GB DATA only (Internet) on a cell phone costs NIS 100 and a package of 1000 GB / calls / SMS costs NIS 70 

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In my opinion in the country the speeds are neutered to everyone in one way or another and it only gets worse with time. If in 2017 I would get in the same apartment 50 symmetrical in the cell phone network, before I left them a few months ago I reached speeds of individual megabytes in most of the city except in some places. If the cellular companies were making speed packets as a data package only, then they would come to them claiming that they were deliberately castrating the speeds to all the users and they could not have avoided that it is not the problematic infrastructure. Anyway I have no real experience with Data packages.

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I called one of the cellular companies, the representatives did not know how to answer my question. I am one million percent sure that the Internet DATA package is more stable and intended for downloads and in the combined package. / Phone / SMS Neutral internet is not only cheaper, it also says "in the contract" that if they see that there is an abnormal download they have the right to castrate the speed, in normal surfing I do a speed test I have 15-40 MB I download games the speed goes down after a few minutes To 5 megabytes at best and sometimes megabytes, another question if I buy a router modem does it matter if it supports two frequencies 1800/2100 or 1800/2100/2300/2500/2600/800/900? Because I recently bought an ALINK modem and it supported two 1800/2100 frequencies and I had disconnections related to each other? 


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