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Question about 5900X - Canceling Temp Limit.


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I have a 5900X processor, currently overclocked.


I noticed that the frequency drops when the processor reaches a temperature of 87 degrees and above.


I know it's from some mechanism for maintaining the CPU ..


Anyway I wanted to ask if there is any way to undo this? I did not find such an option in the BIOS ..



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I would not turn it off as it is supposed to keep the CPU on. After all, the right way is to invest more in cooling and heat dissipation in a chassis that will allow you to squeeze more performance out of the CPU and oc. There are a lot of options and a lot of products that you can invest in and that means of course you need to open your wallet a bit. Since they will also allow you to hold the oc more stable and maybe even increase the power of the oc more. Good luck. @KF

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Water cooling H115i + 4000D AIRFLOW case


I only get to 87 when I run Cinebench, much less in games.


Overclock 4575 for all cores, voltage 1.36, alternating from 1.39 if there is instability.


In games everything is always stable because the CPU is less strenuous.


@ Dr.Shawarma


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Look, if in standard situations the computer does not warm up then that's fine. System performance and attrition tests on the other hand will always be adopted to the maximum possible under unrealistic conditions. In the end if you do OC to improve the capabilities of the computer for your personal use, then probably your OC works fine as you say since it is not warming up and stable. If you are trying to push OC to the limit of its ability for performance tests then in my opinion it is already a completely different field and there is a reason why in competitive OC special materials are used only for the test itself (liquid nitrogen for example) and not for long term use. My recommendation is to just enjoy what you have at the moment and not worry about other things. @KF

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Thank you ,


In games I do not reach 87, only in his effort


I have a feeling that the 4000D AIRFLOW is relatively small and its circulation is not something.


Will replacing the case contribute anything?

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I do not personally know the refrigeration you mentioned but it is 240mm AIO.
Note that your video card (you did not specify which card and which) Has on it) not found in this loop of water.
This means that once you run performance tests that load the card, it will emit all of its heat into the chassis and heat the entire interior of the chassis (including the CPU).
Note that although a radiator with 240 mm should be sufficient for cooling one component, I would still Google Google for tests of this cooling, could it be that it is at the limit of its capacity? (Not sure but this is because it's worth checking out)
Also, you did not specify how many fans you have in the chassis, location, air direction ....

General recommendation if "upgrading the case will lead to an improvement in the CPU temperature", I do not think anyone can give you that just for the mere data you mentioned because the situation you draw here is very general and there are a lot of parameters.

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Regarding the cooling - this is 280 mm, one of CORSAIR's advanced cooling

Regarding the video card - 6800XT MERC 319 (Although it is overclocked but at 1060V instead of 1150 which is its stock.)

As for the case - this is about iCUE 4000X Tempered Glass (there are 3 fans that come with it + I added another 1 rear that is basically the same as the front ones)

* I replaced the front panel of the chassis with a fan panel of a parallel 4000D AIRLOW chassis|-Parts/4000D-Airflow-Front-Panel%2C-Black/p/CC-8900440

Full satap:

3 front fans (came with the case)

1 rear fan (purchased separately and identical to the front ones)

The water cooler is assembled at the top of the case.



Edited By KF
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Quote of KF


* I replaced the front panel of the chassis with a fan panel of a parallel 4000D AIRLOW chassis|-Parts/4000D-Airflow-Front-Panel%2C-Black/p/CC-8900440


Sorry to interrupt here, but I have a friend who also wants to do it and can not find this panel anywhere, you ordered from this link?

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@ Moon-Mage


I ordered the panel through Sidi Log (I corresponded with them by email) - made me a personal order


What's more - if you did not buy the case through them / an authorized importer, they will not order the panel for you (this is their condition).


I bought the case through "Wellcome" so there was no problem for Sidi Log.


Indeed, the shipment took at least a month and a half days, when the product reached them they sent it to Valkam and they already contacted me that the product arrived.


It cost 60 shekels.

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