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An end to the madness of video card prices? NVIDIA officially lowers mining speeds on all Ampere models


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The direction and pace of this "crisis" is just awful. People are willing to buy at double and triple price counting tickets because they are small children with 0 rejection of gratifications. The overall immaturity of consumers who are desperate and willing to buy anything at any price, the returns of importers and suppliers all together only prolongs the crisis more and more. If you raise the price twice and people still pounce then why not as a seller continue to raise the price? Consumers bring it upon themselves. The matter of miners is not going to go away for sure not in the near future if one currency crashes they will move to the next thing, it is in fashion now at least for the next two years until there is some total collapse of this market on all fronts it will not end because constantly inventing another currency and mining method.

The interest of the companies in general is to sell tickets and make money less interesting to them who buys the tickets so I believe that even these "blockages" will be easily broken. Managing this crisis is really wrong, only when it happened did they remember that it might be worthwhile to build more FABS. Part of the point is that there is Because they agreed to wait a bit to buy at a reasonable price, but when they saw that the situation was only getting worse, they broke down and bought at an exorbitant price, thus adding another toothpick to the fire. The only thing that can alleviate this crisis is to limit buying by ID number and address. If this market is going to be like the sneakers market in the US where it is standard to wait in line for nights to buy a shoe and then sell it for double and triple the price this market will become rich only Gamers need to move a bit to consoles :) 

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Quote of Moon-Mage

All it will do is knock out gamers in the long run, now miners will only buy tickets for mining (which are of course made from the same chips) and those tickets will not reach the second hand market.

And it's great for. Both public relations and more money, which is better?

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Your idea has already been implemented in the country
Some companies in the country (ksp) restrict buying a ticket by ordering a computer only to one customer according to ID number or purchasing a bundle of 850W (rsm) power supply at an exorbitant price
I bought a computer a week ago at ksp with a 3070 card gaming x at a relatively reasonable price NIS 3190 (in November I bought a friend 3070 for NIS 3300)
It may be more expensive than the price of msrp but not 3 times as you mentioned
If you wait with your hand on the pulse without pressure, you can also grab newegg deals

The problem is not only the mining market there is a hunger for this or that silicone all over the world see PlayStation 5 value (Sony said regular stock only at 22)
Add to that the corona in the last year and you got a bottleneck

Personally, I see no point in buying a ticket for mining without leaving With a 3-month warranty at an exorbitant price - Livnat Shmut who has no future


By the way in There is no such restriction 

Maybe salvation will come on purpose One way or another,
Days will speak ...


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My experience is also that you order a computer from ksp with a video card (minimum 2000 shekels not including the card), the chances of you winning it are relatively low, I ordered a complete computer several times after an hour of construction on the site and checking inventory, etc ... with the intended screen, you do not pay , But receives a message that a representative will get back to you within 48 hours, during this time another 200 people order the same card, which I asked to explain, why it is not possible to buy according to stock on the site and thus reserve a computer without wasting a lot of time ... I was told that this is it and every computer is complete Approved by a representative, in my opinion they choose the most expensive specification (ie maximum profit)
After a day a representative called or I received a message that an order was canceled due to lack of stock, this process happened to me 3 times
In order not to go through attrition, I would recommend like predecessors Tangle, tms etc. at the best price you can find, for an order from New Age I would recommend registering on the site to prepare credit in advance, why do you have exactly 10 seconds until the card disappears and it is doubtful, it is sold with bundle doubt or And yet the price is cheaper than in Israel


Another option you have is to wait another two weeks / month for the stock of new tickets to fill up with the lhr mining restriction 
Regular and cheap stock is not yet guaranteed but worth a try

A third and final option is to buy at KiaSpei RX 6700 XT PULSE 12GB which is about 3070 plus minus power 

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Quote of Moon-Mage

If you've already jumped at it then my friend managed to order a 3080 at 4100 from Niagad today, so it's still occasionally possible to get it at a half reasonable price.


For everyone who succeeds, there are many more who fail. One is an indication of nothing.

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