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What is the difference between a voltage shield with a delay and without a delay?


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With the delay - after a power outage and its return, the shield waits a few minutes and only then returns the power to the device.

It is good for appliances like refrigerator and air conditioner. In the old refrigerators it was necessary to start the engine with the help of a high current in its operation. And what happened was that there were multiple breaks that there were repeated starts when the components were hot and capacitors exploded.

There are devices that you should put a shield with a delay even today like a heater with a Saturday mode, do not know if you know the device but what happens is that the device in its operation boils the water every time.

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Nowadays the use of a voltage shield with a delay is mainly for a situation that could happen there will be power surges. When the voltage protector notices that there is a sharp drop or a sharp rise (not just lightning) then it turns off and does not allow the voltage to pass. Because power surges can happen multiple times in a short time including ups and downs in the same amount of time, the delay protects against a situation that could endanger electrical components and especially sensitive components like equipment Sound, Computerized equipment (although the power supply also helps to overcome surges up to a certain degree), and other multiple electrical products. There are voltage / lightning shields that give a half-minute stay and there are some that aim for 3 and a half minutes and of course there are more variations. Of course there are different types and maximum voltage that the shield can absorb for example and protect the devices. Of course every lightning protector has a maximum of power according to what you connect to it. It should match the power of your devices and be higher.

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