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How to get accepted to high-tech without a degree?


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I missed the article in the news regarding the conditions of admission and entry into the high-tech field without a relevant degree, whether in programming, information security, etc ....

Is it possible? Beyond self-study ability - what programming languages ​​and knowledge are required and how to acquire it, whether in self-study in online courses, frontal courses, study sites, videos and where it is best to acquire them / the knowledge? Which programming languages ​​are most in demand? Which courses are most in demand in your fields?


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Quote of Tomer1992

I missed the article on the news

Assuming you are very optimistic that you are not trill, then you should know that the first condition for admission to high-tech is to find that every converter has a strat over option in one version or another. For example, Partner's converter has a catch up with which you can see news from two weeks ago. 

The good old days of running home after school to get there before the star trek episode begins are long gone ... 

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Today there is online learning material in all areas, 
And any profession you choose will look to take it seriously and learn properly.
Need a habit of self-learning, and then you can think about how to improve your resume.
Start studying on your own and see if there are any, if not the most accurate, you will turn to specializing in a field that interests you more.

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