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Laptop upgrade

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After several renovations on the computer (Repairing the external plastic, adding an SSD drive) etc. I decided to invest a little more in it and consult what to do, 

Attached is the technical specifications of the computer My, the speed of the computer is very important to me. The question is what things can cause a 'bottleneck' and anyway even if I upgrade the given parts will flow slowly.

I bought the computer five years ago.

I would love to hear Hod 





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Unlike a vehicle, under a hood can be a standard engine

Or something crazy with Nitro, in most laptops, after the upgrades you made,

There is nowhere to go.

So if in its current state the mobile does not deliver the goods,

You should look for a replacement.

Note - The current period is not recommended for the move.

You should wait for the market to calm down / fall prices.

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About adding

Check how much of it is used in the most intensive use (in the task manager).

Although even if a little missing, it is that there is a drive , Makes the shortage 

(If any) at least critical.


The Bottom Line - 

Instead of investing more in artificial respiration, think about replacement .

I mean, all around it's nice, but if after drive replacement performance still not satisfying,

A sign that the processor does not meet the burden, and that only Another will be able to significantly improve.

Everything else (Ram for example) will improve a little, if at all. The question of whether it is worthwhile ...

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