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New Asus B9 Expert Book with mouse and keyboard in BT connection with Lag


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So here it is - I got a few days ago to connect my BT laptop to an external speaker (JBL) to hear - I noticed that every so often the video on YouTube stops when it is connected. I assumed maybe it's because the connection disconnects in a split second.


Another thing - I have the Xerox software for scanning documents from the printer. When I transfer a file from the "feature" (it's in quotes because it's stored on my computer somewhere) to the desktop sometimes the transfer "hangs up" .


In light of all this - new ideas?

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Prominent participants in the discussion

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I'll try to look for some pattern online that fits all of these things. By and large I could think of such a thing when the computer heats up and reaches certain temperatures and takes the computer a second to slow down and turn on the fan. But because you already replaced a computer then maybe it's not related. You also did not mention any problem on the subject. I also do not know if you are with an updated BIOS, maybe something has been fixed while in the latest updates. @xtract1

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There is something that might be worth a try. I have seen that it has fixed similar issues in some forums. A problem caused by some incompatibility with the card drivers ethernet (not wifi). Go to the device manager and find the card there Your Ethernet. In many cases it is actually realtek that has all sorts of problems with it, even though it may be and you have something else.

Now if you are not using it then do it uninstall and disable and also remove driver. If you do use it then after you delete need to download driver again and install. @xtract1

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Regarding heating - I doubt it happens, because it happens a few minutes after I open the computer when all that is open is a few tabs of , Outlook and that's it ... The use is medium office at most and not beyond and the air conditioner is just above it at 24 degrees.


Regarding theEthernet - I surf on WIFI so I made it disable and I will try. Unless you say it's critical to do a removal for his driver as well, etc.

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Worth trying to do driver removal as well. Now another question, does this only happen when you use Chrome? Understand if this is not related to the infinite bugs that Chrome has when it uses experimental hardware acceleration without you knowing and there is a reason. @xtract1

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