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Should you upgrade your existing laptop for video editing or purchase a new MacBook or other laptop?

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Quote by Nir Roitman

There are more computers around this range with similar processors of AMD Or the new generation. If you say you are going to buy only a few more months then there is time.

If you are more looking for component upgrades or software modifications - then first of all if you have access to updated versions of Premier then they are much more utilizing system resources than before. So worth updating.

There are other programs that depend on how you edit whether they will be faster or all the work on them will be faster or more successful.

For example you can always download the free version of Davinci resolve and test it. However, it has become the market standard for color grading. So sometimes someone edits in another software and does the color grading on it. In the free version it is not possible to edit in 4K and there is also no option of working with an entire team, but it does not seem to me that it is related here.


As for components it depends on the computer and if it is possible to upgrade the RAM and the ssd inside it. Will give some breathing space but not much.

Some people use a laptop and a box with a desktop video card that connects via semi-portable video editing. Thunderbolt . But this is not something I currently recommend even if you have such a connection. If you have a connection Thunderbolt Such and a powerful desktop video card that you can occasionally remove from your desktop computer, so maybe. But buy everything again less recommend.

And regardless, reliable antivirus, Operating System Updated, drivers and updated software, checking that everything is working properly as stated and there are no general stability issues in the system.


Thank you very much for the detailed answer!

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