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AMD's response to DLSS has arrived and with a huge surprise


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that- Promised to release the equivalent technology to DLSS, we knew this for a long time.

Better late than never, she brings it back in a big half a year compared to the original plan, this June instead of last January.


That she would take out this technolgia and yesterday also her old gear, the truth is we were not surprised. 

Support for RX500 series, , RDNA1 and of course in the new RDNA2.


But while Nvidia in Life does not consider releasing a new technology (e.g. DLSS) so that it will support its older edition cards,

After all, this is a foot shot: the whole business goal is known to promote sales of new equipment. Not helping consumers about how to keep working on

The old equipment, in that it optimizes the performance of the old, and indirectly rejects the need to buy new equipment. So this Nodia does not do of course

For obvious reasons.


So there is someone who sabotages Nudia in her plans (of supporting the old and optimizing his performance) and does it for her (and in her place). Crazy precedent : ) 

From now on a parallel to DLSS is also supported on all NVIDIA GTX1000, RTX2000, RTX3000 cards by .


It's just unbelievable how the competitor puts snooker under the belt in her business rival:

"If you are a NVIDIA you will not support consumers and the community using modern software code, which optimizes performance and image quality which works backwards on equipment

Your old man, we will do it for you. "







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According to several sources, the application in the field at Tekel's is not that successful.

"On behalf of" promotional videos is nice, as well as the performance itself,

But in reality it is far from the bombastic title ....

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Quote of A-10

According to several sources, the application in the field at Tekel's is not that successful.

"On behalf of" promotional videos is nice, as well as the performance itself,

But in reality it is far from the bombastic title ....

Do you need resources? My eyes are an excellent source and the drop in quality is almost the same as just playing at a lower resolution, which is exactly what it does only after that it passes a smoothing filter so that there are not too many edges, it looks shocking and brings up most of the small details in all scenes, right now Galaxy like DLSS 2.0 but hopefully like DLSS 1.0 and 2.0 there will be a significant improvement later on.
But even the comparison to DLSS is not entirely accurate because DLSS is a tool with dedicated hardware and custom software only and it is a general filter.

By and large it looks like seeing a 720P on From 2017 and not from the overly successful of .

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There is a big difference between the 2 demos they presented. At first with all the purple colors then it would have looked sharper and more promising. In the second video, however, a blur is created in the aisles. On the one hand it can be interpreted as a low resolution that has been multiplied several times with blurring in a simple way. But by the way it looks then it's not just a problem of magnification, but the frames connect to them together like an unsuccessful soap opera effect that causes a blur. So in my opinion for the quality to be stable it will require a high minimum frame rate. If this is true, then the weak video cards will present a less good picture for sure. (You can see the poor quality at the bottom end of the floor on the right and leaves above the bridge). In fact it seems poor because elements and pixels connect with each other in a way that they should not and it seems blurry because of it.


Demonstration of Soap opera effect

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Released (Edited)

In the demo they showed on the 6800xt it looks great.

Here's the freeze I did I just did on 6800xt, where there is no noticeable drop in the eye, at least not one that can be diagnosed with a flick

fast. * Click on the image to enlarge for self-impression:




Here I sampled another section and marked for our impression right versus left (orange color at the bottom of the image), is it possible to notice a decrease in quality when the circle is concrete on the right compared to its beginning on the left? (I do not see any decrease in quality)



It should be emphasized that only in the demo on the Nodia 1060 would it look bad. Talk about rubbing salt in my wounds - d'oh!

Which is not performed by the dedicated hardware, which does not have and is in RDNA2. And maybe it's just a demo video and still not the product itself.

Kerry just wanted to show how much improvement would be obtained in the demo, did not demonstrate the upscale engine itself.


Edited By nec_000
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Released (Edited)

The situation is really a friend. The one in the demo video (which was shown on the day of the show), and at the end of it said that it will also work on Nudeia products,

Blurring, that does not mean you have stated Do not catch. The release of the capability is officially on 22.6 and has toAssumed - AMD

Which is not a small falafel shop down the street, but a global giant whose name binds, probably claims truth.


Right now it's just a noise factory about nothing, from the introductory video / play and nothing more. More noise from fanboys trying

Stain and look, based on his blood ahead of the formal launch by three weeks.


Anyway in the section that it's rounder by card , Clearly evident, that no decrease in image quality can be seen,

And so I made for all of us from the same video of Shear of two As there were those who made a decree on the execution of 1060.

In them clearly it is neither close nor near the comparison they made in the case of card 1060. and is probably closer to the practice of

Their algorithm.


At the moment I will suggest we talk less, and see the official launch at reviewers on 22.6.

Just as the burden of proof is on , At the same time the burden of proof for negation is also valid.

There is no evidence of anything yet, not even that it works poop. Certainly not from the demo from the YouTube video.


Regarding "Title Protections",

 When you're in the position of editor, call me.




Edited By nec_000
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Released (Edited)

Not related to the topic,

Just take the opportunity and nothing more:

Reminds all the slanderers among us, the optimistic ones, that we insisted that 10GB is enough Of RTX3080 for several years

The next of kin and who among the friends who dared to tell us and warn us that it is too little, that it is quantity Which is on the scale, we probably were

Need to listen to him.

These were tumultuous discussions just a few months ago, all of us who bought 3080 are already starting to snatch contradictions

From several directions, when new titles come out now 2021, not coming 2025, but now really and not a year has passed

From the launch of the 3000 series, and the memory consumption in Triple AAA titles clearly shows an increase to a new standard = 16GB.

a picture is worth a thousand words.

An example our good friend did, this is the friend we did not listen to, he did not believe in himself how much his prophecy was

underrated, because he too thought districts consumption Such will come only in a few years.

So here it does not work on his 3080, but only on the 6800xt he has:



One can take solace in the fact that the 3080 is very easy to sell second hand to miners today and not suffer pocket damage.

That's what I did too. I actually sold the most expensive than what I bought. And for the consideration received to purchase 6800xt.


Here is the attempt to run the title with the 3080 in the same settings:


Edited By nec_000
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