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Google Image Storage is no longer free! I switched to Synology Photos


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For those who have not heard, Stops giving to us Unlimited photos and you will start demanding money from us after we have already swallowed their bait and already invested hundreds of gigabytes if not terabytes of In their service.


For anyone who has a Sinology device, this is a product that is currently still in beta, but should be released in a final version very soon as part of the operating system. DSM 7. This is an app called Synology Photos Which is actually trying to give us a tool, completely free, as a replacement for the service of .


In order not to turn this post into a scroll I will not write here a step by step guide on this product but I can only say that it is a great product. There is no doubt that the tool of Stronger in terms of features but relative to the product given to us for free, contains facial recognition, contains artificial intelligence, allows sharing of albums, etc ... Can provide myself for free.


It has flaws, it's imperfect, there's no arguing about it, my father at least for me, I have over a tera of In Google, the price I'll have to pay them every month or year is just not worth it!


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Quote of A-10

So it's limited to Sinology owners?

I do not know if this is the right concept but kind of ...

Yes it is a product or Which is available for free to anyone who has a Sinology device.

In some situations of course depends on how much information you have, of course if it's over terabytes,

It's worth buying a Sinology device just for this service and enjoying all the other things it is known to do as a bonus

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