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MSI GeForce RTX 3080 Ti SUPRIM X video card under review: a sophisticated product waiting for a different reality


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As for Hitman. "While in 1440P a processor bottleneck was observed, in We see that the cards have more to give. "Lior, how do you conclude that this is the processor already? A new equivalent is not enough for them? Or is it a core issue? For example, wouldn't a bottleneck have been observed with the 5900X?
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Hitman 2, at least in its blood and in the game in general, uses a lot of player models, and the CPU load is relatively high in the amount of its processes in this game.

What happens as a result of this type of effort, is that hardware components with performance differences or high data differences, get acceleration differences very close to each other.

1 + 1 here is that the addition of graphical load in the form of higher resolution sharpens performance differences between those graphics cards, and significantly increases the performance gaps between them.


Where the RX 6800 brought equal performance to the RTX 3080 Ti at 1440P (partly due to being a driver Less heavy on the CPU in operations compared to that of NVIDIA), in resolution 26% lead on the side 3080 Ti over RX 6800 was observed. The main reason for this is that the bottleneck, or the component that became a "queue" for a higher amount of frames per second, became back to being the video card.


Every frame per second that is processed has an amount of time that the processor takes to do it, and the graphics core to do it. When the CPU time is higher than that of the video card, a CPU bottleneck is set. In the second case, such is defined as a video card. Naturally the "bottleneck" of a video card is optimal. That is, more graphic power will result in more frames per second.

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I remember reading somewhere that the way to know if there is a CPU bottleneck is to check if the GPU works more than 90 percent, if so then it means that the GPU is a bottleneck, that it is actually a "good sign" and that the CPU is not a bottleneck in this case.


Another test is to check if all the cores reach 100 percent usage - if so - there is a bottleneck for the CPU here. 


This is true?

Edited By --Shadow--
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Quote of --Shadow--

Another test is to check if all the cores reach 100 percent usage - if so - there is a bottleneck for the CPU here. 


This is true?

This is a myth that needs to be shattered. You may use a 5800X, 3700X and 2700X processor and get large performance differences that illustrate a bottleneck without all the cores reaching 100%. In fact, this can happen even without a single core being fully utilized for more than a few microseconds.

Modern games are complex software that perform a tremendous amount of operations every second. Unlike rendering mode for example, in-game performance differences can exist even when a processor does not reach full resource utilization. A lot of actions and requests are done in a tiny amount of time. Differences are expressed between another tiny time and another


If there is any interest in it, we may analyze it a little more later

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