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Sending a desktop computer, screen and printer from the USA to Israel in a container

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I live in the US and ship a container with equipment to Israel,

I have a desktop computer (based on i5 and 16GB of memory) that I wonder if there is a reason why No Send it in a container to Israel

(And to avoid buying a new computer in Israel).

The cost of shipping to Israel is negligible, because the volume is void in the sixties compared to the volume sent in any case.


1. The power supply of the computer is 100v-240v, do we need to check something else in favor of suitability for Israel?

2. Should I disassemble the hard disk (2TB, No SSD) and wrap it separately, or is it actually more protected that is inside the wrapped computer?
3. Should the memory sticks be disassembled or sent when they are inside the computer?

4. I also have an AOC E2770S screen that costs around $ 300 which is suitable for 100v-240v - is there a reason not to wrap well and send?

5. Same question regarding the EPSON WF-2750 printer.


As stated, the cost of shipping is not a parameter, all products are suitable for the electricity network in Israel, etc.

Is there a reason I did not think about why there is no point in sending?

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The only thing I would suggest disassembling from the computer and wrapping separately is the video card if there is one.
All the other things sound perfectly reasonable to move, but I would also wrap them in quite a lot of packaging material because you will know how to deal with the container.

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If you are returning from a mission then check carefully what is allowed to be brought. There is a list of customs. Gas grill / good smokers come out in the US for half price from Israel. 

If not you then to a relative. 

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