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New Windows operating system just around the corner.


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Quote of ag43

I wonder what the reason for TPM is. Could it be that Microsoft wants to push drive encryption in the future by default?

In my opinion yes, but the more immediate reason is probably the fear of rootkits and other attacks that change the system before the system rises. They lock the system that way, this of course also gives them more control and is also harmless in the aspect that it may make it more difficult for the average user to install Other.

In my opinion in a home / small office system it does not really add to the security but it may increase the probability that users will encounter problems.

I came across quite a few home users / home office Omctan who encrypted a drive (including backup drives) because everyone says it should, but did not take care to back up the encryption key and when it was necessary to access the backup ...

Security, probably based on cryptography, is not just a switch in the system. One has to appreciate it.

Do not know how reliable TPM is in this respect and what is the probability that users will one day find themselves locked out of the system without the ability to upload it due to an update Or failure. Fault other.

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Why am I starting to miss Windows 7 right now? .....

Those who want / fear / must / have to use all the regrets of

Encryption and the rest of Shushu, disrupting him and Microsoft.

But anyone who wants to mostly go to university or create content for their enjoyment 

What does he need all this headache for?

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Quote of A-10

But anyone who wants to mostly go to university or create content for their enjoyment 

What does he need all this headache for?

There are reasons why theoretically this is necessary. And if one decides that it is necessary one has to someday decide where the line passes. But practical? This adds another point of failure and does not really improve security for the average user. Even more puzzling is the decision to draw the line two years back in what appears on the face of it to be a completely arbitrary decision given the fact that TPM has been supported on all processors for the past 5 years (and I think one or two generations earlier but I'm not closed on that). The latter that really did not lead to the abandonment of five- or six-year-old systems (and the global chip shortage at the time). But it remains to be seen what the actual meanings are. Need to wait closer to launch.

However, as you said Microsoft seems a bit carried away with their inspiration from Apple.

Quote of ag43

If indeed drive encryption becomes the default this will be a way for Microsoft to forcefully push the "Microsoft account" because this will be the only way to release a locked computer.


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I do not know what you are (all surfers) but ...

I appreciate the freedom (even if relative) in the current situation

Of operating caves so far.

Nor would it be an exaggeration to say his Microsoft really wanted it

To prevent all the "celebrations" of pirated / evolving use of ninety shekels,

Could have done so long ago even without the TPM.

And the theoretical necessity should not knock so many users.

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I agree.

Hardware wheelbarrow software; It is not the software that is responsible for supporting hardware. Once artificial or semi-artificial restrictions are applied, it is a sign of disrupting priorities and / or depriving users of liberty.

Unfortunately, that's where the world goes but it's a separate discussion topic in itself.


However, you should wait close to the official launch date. Then there will be more information on the matter, including the actual limitations that at least at first glance seem quite arbitrary. Maybe they will stay the way they are and maybe there will be changes / exceptions. You have to wait until the smoke dissipates.

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This move of Boils. All processors from the last decade are excellent for home and / or office use. Very much hope that Microsoft will recover and soon. Admittedly planning to replace the 4770 I have this year but I see no reason he will not serve my son for many years to come

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