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What is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and home?


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If you are assuming that prices are equal, which is better?


Is there a difference in display or is it plus or minus the same Windows? (I only had a few minutes to use it, I saw that the line bar started in a different color, but at least on the desktop I did not see any changes. Maybe the difference is because I installed on a mobile and not a stationary?)

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Visually there is no difference.

The differences, as detailed in the links,

They are at the level of management and the variety of accessibility settings

In each version, when the pro gives more options mainly in the direction 

Business or company.

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I will add that in my opinion, even when the prices are not equal, unless the gap is very high, one must take the pro. If only for the GROUP POLICY and the ability to control updates. In PRO you control the operating system. In HOME the operating system controls you.

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  • 2 weeks later ...

I installed it. Something strange happened to me. On two computers it was installed without an internet connection at the time of installation and the installation was the same as the Home version.

The third computer had an internet connection and he asked me if it was Or some other alternative I do not remember.

Why were there differences?

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Quote of A-10

Windows asks if it is for personal or organizational use.

So asking ......


Yes, it was personal or organizational.

Why did this question only appear on one computer and it did not? Is it due to the internet connection?

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