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Second screen connection

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Quote of A-10





Tap Catalog Violator 77801 in KSP.


A TYPE C connection in a mobile is female (socket), because you put a cable that goes into it (hence male = plug).

Same goes for DP on screen or mobile.


Thanks, is there a reason this cable is so expensive? (cable It cost me something like 30 NIS)

Good to know about male / female

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Quote of etal

There is no splitter, but it is a desktop computer and you can of course add a video card to it that will support multiple screens without any problem.


The question is which ports he is looking for. I was looking for a video card with DP because there was a shortage of motherboards at the time I bought (I was not looking for something fancy, but a board with ports, and paying for one over 700 NIS was expensive) and their prices were very expensive.


If he is looking for something without DP, there were those in the 200 NIS range.


When I was looking for the type c cable, I came across this device:


What do you think, can do the job for him or it will show him two screens with the same image.



To open the discussion - I asked about the type c for me. What ports do you have on the screens?

Note that at least on my motherboard, even though I have all the possible ports (DP, DVI, , VGA) and connecting up to 3 monitors, there are combinations that do not go together. DP + VGA can not work together (do not know what the reason).

I do not remember if HDMI + VGA works together.


And by the way, I think a built-in graphics card is built into the CPU and not the board.

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Quote of A-10

And a little more, that (or similar), which is better -

If you are already bringing a link then it is better to have a model whose support did not end 5 years ago (not that it is the pinnacle of technology but still)


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Quote of etal

If you are already bringing a link then it is better to have a model whose support did not end 5 years ago


That's why I wrote "it (Or similar) ", Because I have no idea what connection there is / will be to his screen.

I mean, this is just the swatch, maybe he will find a video card at half price / hand 2.


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So both cards are right for you ..

The second (more expensive) is newer (relatively) to the first,

While the first has ports just like the screen,

And in the second, only one type (and better).

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Quote of A-10

What do you mean do not know?


The person who answered me said that they are not registered and he does not know if it is possible.

Not listed on their site which Is there, so I do not so much know where to check if the board supports two screens

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Quote of A-10

: kopfpatsch:


Incredible !


We'll check back soon .....


This is the complete specification:


Everywhere I looked, I did not see I found what the board was. Just so as not to come out locked, does a laptop have a motherboard? (Maybe not at all Then I'm just looking)


Graphics Card:


I do not see any DP-related port at all.

How is this card in general? Is it worth anything?

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Well, it did not take too much time / effort ...

The computer offers five USB ports (4x Type-A, 1x Type-C) that all operate in the USB 3.2 Gen-1 standard. The Type-C port also supports the -via--C function (but you need to purchase a separate adapter). So together with the port, the Legion offers two video connections. In addition, there is a Gigabit Ethernet connection and an audio combo port.


Here -


By the way, the review claimed that the battery almost runs out ....

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What a beauty (I was not told that an adapter is needed at all, only when I received it did I notice that there is no DP connection as they said)


The site of Registered 8 hours. Other sites list 12+. Before updating the BIOS it was just a disgrace. The battery in my estimation lasted 2.5 hours.

After updating the BIOS there has been an improvement, but I will not get to these times. The estimate of the mobile is 3-7 hours (I have no idea why the estimate zigzags like that. It can show me 6 hours and a few minutes after 3 hours without a significant change in its use).


Do you think you should let them check it out? (I do not know if this is reasonable or not).


And what do you think about the video card? (Do not know if you managed to see the previous message because it was just sent when you signed up for me). Is a bonus for me (I planned to purchase with built-in)


Its essential disadvantage is that it is unreasonably heavy. I'm really not sure it's 3 pounds as they prescribe. Feels more to me.




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