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Computer does not turn on after cleaning with contact spray

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Hello friends, I arranged a computer by the grace of God,
Worked Peaks Week. I just brought a spray for cleaning
Contacts and I cleaned the board with it, after half
I turned on for an hour and the computer suddenly did not turn on.

There was a small squeak and since then there is nothing, no beeping!

The processor is gone or the board? there is a solution?

All my life I have cleaned full boards
And never called me anything like that.

The power supply lights up with the green and black wire.
Could it still be that power supply is the problem?
I also cleaned it unlike previous times.

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Quote of yotam

The "squeak" you describe sounds like a shortened component, will do a visual inspection of the board for safety and also check if there is a burnt odor.



This is that there is no burnt smell.

I connected another power supply ...

I have a feeling a spray went into the processor and burned it.

If you turn it on Without a processor is there a response? twitter?

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Spray will not enter the processor, most likely you turned on the computer which was still a liquid that shortened some component, probably a component related to power supply and it may have burned something else later as well (could be the processor, but that if you were really talented)

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A. Into the processor is not possible, to its holder and possibly away the short on the board.


B. I lit after half an hour plus, it's an illogical volatile substance left.


third. This is my motherboard for a week, I think it was screwed up already and maybe that's how it ended.


D. It could be that the short came from the power supply or the connections That I sprayed.


God. The motherboard was replaced and as a precaution I also moved to another supplier and case. The previous one was rusty.


Gigabit motherboard, very delicate from experience, I sprayed countless boards and this is the first time with a different spray Although the board has shortened, trauma to subsequent boards that probably need an oil based spray? Because I saw one like this and did not buy one.


Thank you so much for the good will to help, thank you!


Everything from God in my many iniquities came to me trouble for atonement.

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