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Error upgrading to Windows 10

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Hello, I have a computer running 7 Pro and I decided it's time to finally upgrade it to 10.

So I realized that there is still a valid option of a free upgrade to Windows 10, for Windows 7 product key holders using the Microsoft Media Creation Tool ( But unfortunately every time I try to upgrade my computer, the same thing happens: it gets to the point where it writes installer updates, and when it reaches about 15% the computer restarts and after activation there is a caption 'Trying to restore the installation' followed by 'Canceling your computer' , Then I get the error message (photo attached). I tried updating the computer about 7 times without success 😩.


Error message: 0x8007001F - 0x20006

Installation failed at SAFE_OS with error during operation REPLICATE_OC


Corrections I have already tried to make according to guides I found online:

  • Clearing the Catroot2 folder and the SoftwareDistribution folder
  • Disable some drivers (USB root hub, sound controllers) And game, imaging devices, and video card)
  • Run through Console: DSIM
  • SFC scan
  • Running Troubleshooter Update
  • Disconnect the internet cable
  • Disconnect all devices that are connected to the computer and are not essential.
  • Uninstall the antivirus
  • Run Disk Cleanup


I'm at a loss. Would appreciate help.




Error message when trying to install Windows 10.jpg

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Quote of yotam

Back up the material and do a clean installation of 10. After installation you will be charged with the key of 7.

I have about 800 megabytes on drive D, I prefer not to buy a drive yet.

Is it possible to try to solve it in another way?

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You will eventually also be able to stink fish and also get beaten up, according to the ancient parable.

That is, in the time and effort you have wasted, you have been able to finish the story long ago.

Believe me, when it does not go then does not go.

Preferences aside and reality aside.

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Is it possible to use the Windows 7 key for 10 without the upgrade?

Basa, a few minutes ago I bought two keys for Windows 10 (at least not expensive).


How do I know how many computers the Windows 10 key works on? (I have a box with an original disk with the code listed on it)

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First of all, you can perform a clean installation of 10 with a key of 7 (although not upgraded) and the system will function properly.

I did this dozens of times in my previous job.

Just make sure to install the appropriate version according to your license (Home / Pro).


As for the material you have, precisely because it is on drive D you can format only drive C during the installation process of And thus preserve the material.

Of course backing up must be done beforehand and also regularly regardless of this process.


And I also highly recommend doing a clean install, you will burn a lot of time on trying to fix the error and even if you succeed in the end it is still better to get a clean system than a system that has undergone a lot of updates / patches.

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Quote by elad18

All the computers I installed had OEM licenses, but we installed on the same computers.


Why do you not use the license of the same computer that you format?


I do not format it. The computer where the windows was installed was thrown away a long time ago, so I'm not sure if I'll be able to install it on another computer (what a dirty move of . They sell Windows for hundreds of shekels and limit it)

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Although legally an OEM license is limited to iron in practice you can use it on a completely different computer, only you will need to perform activation over the phone.


In fact, it can be done over and over again until Microsoft completely blocks the license.

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Quote of A-10


It's not necessarily possible  allowed.

You quote one line from my post that just line up I clarified the legal situation.

If there is nothing to add, you can also not respond.

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