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Connecting a private router to a hotbox

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I was years in the 30MB hotspot infrastructure with a regular and outdated modem. I have a router of With his help I built Wireless 2.4 and 5. Yesterday I upgraded infrastructure to 200 and got an integrated hotbox modem . But its wi-fi is weak and only supports 2.4 network. 

It seems to me I got along with the cables, moved the hotbox to bridge mode, a network cable at one end goes into the modem, at the other end to the WAN of the router , Everything works, the hotbox's wi-fi is turned off, but from now on I can not enter the router settings, the address does not open anymore. What am I doing wrong?



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Assuming the quadrature is running and the computer is connected to it by cable or wireless (preferably by cable), it will open line 6 Code Start <CMD or 'Command line' in Hebrew (I think).

In the window that opens, type ipconfig and press Enter.

A list of all kinds of data will be displayed. Look for the Default Gateway line and copy the IP address. for example:

Default Gateway .......


You will enter this address in your browser and you will reach the management interface of the router.

If an IP address does not appear, a sign that something is not connected properly.

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