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Computer to take pictures

Recommended Posts

1. What is the budget The maximum? Is matafException server if necessary?

The last computer I bought cost about 5K I hope there is something in such a budget there is a possibility to exceed a few hundred shekels


2. What useful computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content, for example), is there a specific example of a game or software?

The bulk of the work is And Leitrim occasionally simple video edits and routine office work


3. Is there a need for peripherals in addition to the computer (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers And screen)?


4. Is there a basic component that does not need to be included in the specification? (Eg Drive SSD Which already exists and can be added to the assembly)


5. How important is silent computer operation? 

Not critical 

6. Is there a limit or preference for the physical size and weight of the computer, lights, etc.?


7. Is there a need to include an OS / Office (preferably a preferred version) and / or a computer in the store

Operating System Yes Optional

8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If you can not specify a residential area.

Central area has no preference

9. When is the purchase of the computer planned (it is highly recommended to request a short specification from the time of purchase)?

A week or two

10. Are there any special requests regarding ports and connections (eg USB Type-C or FireWire) or overclocking?


11. Is there any peripherals that will be connected? If so, which one? (Docking station if computers Mobile \ One screen or another)

2 screens 24- + 27 "

12. Additional notes, detailed and miscellaneous details:

In the recommended specifications I saw that the prices for processing computers are close to 7 The question is whether it is possible to stay in the budget around 5 for such a computer? My current computer with 16RAM and I feel that it is already very little so I understood (the little) required a strong video card and memory Plenty, I would love to hear from the scholars here

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Before I try to offer a whole new specification in the budget you specified, could it be that you have components that can still be used? Video card prices for example are still unrealistic and are slowly declining. Maybe the 16GB of RAM is Relatively good and can be used in part? Maybe there is a hard disk that will fit some of the storage and the like and it will be possible to compromise on Smaller software and operating system?

Now as for Photoshop and Leitrum then they barely take advantage of the video card except for specific uses where there is no special requirement either. On the other hand very useful in the new versions of Premier and other video editing software, but if there is nothing massive in editing , So do not have to invest too much.

I would try to reserve a processor budget as strong as possible and up to 32 GB of RAM (for an up-to-date Leitrum then a multi-core processor will help). From a test I did it is impossible to utilize more than 20 GB of RAM in Leitrum and Photoshop.

All this of course in order to utilize the budget in the smartest way for the contemporary time. Update and we will try to help you accordingly.

If you want to get an indication of how much an upgrade will help you, there is a site of complex computer systems that have software for performance testing and comparison in Leitrum, Photoshop and more. There is a complete database there. Maybe it will interest you to know.


Take a comparison of the page of my computer in a test I did with them in Leitrum. You will be able to see times and it will give you an indication other than just a score that means nothing and the like. For example export times and the like. By clicking on RAW RESULTS.





Edited By NR
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Quote of NR



Take a comparison of the page of my computer in a test I did with them in Leitrum. You will be able to see times and it will give you an indication other than just a score that means nothing and the like. For example export times and the like. By clicking on RAW RESULTS.



Quote of NR

I looked at the data looks cool, how old is your computer and what is the cost of a similar or identical specification?




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Quote from photo

I looked at the data looks cool, how old is your computer and what is the cost of a similar or identical specification?


Far above your budget (maybe even double .....)

You do not need a system like his (details to the left of the score),

But on the other hand, there is no need to quarter the circle ......  :)

Edited By A-10
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As for the specs, so first thing the screen card if you noticed came out in 2016 and cost about 1000 shekels when I bought it. I'm still using it and it's beyond what I need for Leitrum and Photoshop edits.

Aside from the main ssd I recently bought (500GB of 970 evo I bought for $ 59 on Amazon) I used 3 Old ones I had from computers Old and from the previous computer. Including the 850 evo that came out in 2014.

In theory I could have both stayed with the case I had before and also had a power supply, but in the evening I moved to a relative.

Peripherals plus minus the same.

Because of this there may be something that can be used even if the computer from 5 years ago and try to make better use of the budget for professional uses.

Write what video card you currently have and what the memories are and if there are hard disks or Old that can be used for data storage and the like.

if there is Or a chassis that can be used and you have how to assemble or pay a bit for assembly, so will also save.

If you still want everything new complete then say and I will make sure to build you a specification as a suggestion in the budget you have set, but probably there will also be out of date parts such as the video card and the like. Want to benefit you here. @photo

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Quote of A-10

I suggest going for the latest hardware And new, Without weak links in the chain.

It's always ideal. But on the other hand if there is anything he can use right now and update when needed or when the budget allows. So why not?

As long as it is hardware that is supported and will allow it to operate for the period close to the uses he specified. He did not say that his computer was in Total loss mode.

At the moment I do not know if there is anything that can be used or what the condition of it is.

This is not a Catholic wedding anyway. It will always be possible to upgrade.

If he would in any case prefer a budget for a new computer complete with the budget he specified, then I will write to him. The video card will certainly not be new, or built-in max.


Edited By NR
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Each coin has two sides.

But like an apartment, if you do not renovate before or immediately after the move, you will never renovate .....

Both power supply and drive are components with wear and tear, and it would be a shame to put them in a new system.

It's possible. Desirable - no.

And again, I do not push for a system like yours or another high-end ....

And again 2 - do not have to save where it is not worth saving.


good luck to you both !   :)

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Look @A-10 I'm usually someone that friends turn to when they need to buy something like a computer or any technological component or gadget. I less meet specifications in the forum but rather these are photographers. My first question for someone who wants to upgrade a computer is what did he have before and what are its uses and what does it limit him to. Then the question of what the budget is. I'm not just trying to fill a random budget.

As for the post here I also do not know what was in his previous computer so I can guess how much upgrade he will get when a lot of components are out of stock or existing at unrealistic prices.

I suggest checking to see if there is anything that can be used. This is not a Catholic wedding after all. This is not a computer .

The purpose of its upgrade was to streamline the use of certain software.

For me I see that he wants to upgrade the efficiency of his edits and he is willing to invest 5000.

Now for example I bought Power Supply With a 12-year warranty. So I guess something like this will last beyond 5 years. Do not know what he has but these and close numbers exist in the market even at popular plus or minus prices.

Regarding wear of SSD Then you can check the severity of wear and tear with a simple test.

About Memories So fewer have problems over the years.

About Enclosures So maybe he has a really good and quiet case and he has someone to assemble the computer. I do not know.

Edited By NR
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I will give a sample specification without a video card and without peripherals with . Just understand that good things can be found on a budget.

However this is not a final specification. I still need to check if there is Better at the same price and also regarding the motherboard.

[img] [/ img] [b] [color = # 0000BF] Self-assembly of AMD stationary computer [/ color] [/ b] AMD processor: [url = https: // uin = 131312] Processor   7 5800X 3.8Ghz  - Tray [/ url] 1 CPU fan: [url = https: // Uin = 42568] CPU cooling  NH-D15 SE-AM4 [/ url] 1 motherboards for AMD processors: [url = https: // Uin = 105066] Asus PRIME B550M-K AM4 motherboard,  B550, , PCI-E, VGA, DVI, HDMI [/ url] 1 memories: [url = https: // Uin = 65895] Computer memory G.Skill Aegis 16GB  3000Mhz CL16 [/ url] 2 SSDs: [url = https: // Uin = 70536] ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro PCIe NVMe M.2 2280 1TB hard drive  ASX8200PNP-1TT-C [/ url] 1 Power supplies: [url = https: // Uin = 40820] Active and modular power supply  650W 80+ Gold TX650M. [/ url] 1 packages: [url = https: // uin = 78969] Computer package without a doubt  P120 Crystal ATX Case - Black Color [/ url] 1 Operating Page: [url = https: // Uin = 27949] Microsoft Operating System  10 Home OEM - Buy with  / Stationary new [/ url] 1 Assembly: [url = https: // Uin = 23070] Complete computer assembly - parts of KSP [/ url] 1 [b] Package price: NIS 5139 [/ b] [url = https: // Uin = 16015 © _comp = 307.131312.1,308.42568.1,309.105066.1,310.65895.2,1311.70536.1,317.40820.1,318.78969.1,8248.27949.1 ,] [color = # FF0000] Product Page [/ color] [/ url] [b] [color = # FF0000] KSP is guaranteeing the cheapest price [/ color] [/ b] Attention! If you find a computer or identical part (s) in an actual store inventory) at a price lower than our online price list and under the same terms of delivery and warranty, you can purchase the product at a lower price and additional discount, or receive a 50% difference in invoice and product purchased after purchase.


Edited By NR
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I saw the specs.

Yes, in total THE USUAL THINGS, and with a video card it will be around 6K.

There really is no need for more than that and there is also no need for used equipment, which will donate it to someone ....

You do not have to show me, why bother?

See the discussion opener.


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The truth is I did not tag anyone because I got entangled with the implementation of the html that is not displayed correctly for some reason with all the variations I tried.

But the intention was to tag the post opener.

Edited By NR
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