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Computer to take pictures

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Leitrum and Photoshop will use no more than what 32 GB of RAM offers you. For video you might be able to take advantage of extra performance but not for stills.

And the built-in video card. It is expected that the total prices of video cards have dropped from the currently exorbitant prices.

Indeed the differences between the specifications are From a simpler series that is also cheaper, another fan for the processor, and a power supply that allows lower power and is cheaper.

And by the way in order to understand how much there is no real meaning for example to Leitrum with More expensive - I enclose a picture from the Puget performance tests. Anyway when the prices went down then you could buy another video card at a more normal price.



Edited By Nir Roitman
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It very much depends on what you do, especially in Photoshop.

After all, there are filters like Bloor, etc., since the external card is used,

Not to mention CAMERA RAW and no less things.

In terms of performance the differences between the cards The exterior Insignificant,

That's why there's no point in - 3900, but also do not have to rely on the built-in.


Here the price is definitely reasonable and I do not think it has dropped significantly ...



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There are indeed filters that can use hardware acceleration a bit. The question is to what extent and if there is pressure to buy a video card now while already in China the market is flooded with second hand video cards that no one is interested in and there is a noticeable drop in market prices.

I will give the numbers to the contribution to an external video card. I will note that in the pictures I will attach then it is a weaker built-in video card of Previous generations. spacer.pngspacer.png

Edited By Nir Roitman
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From the same PUGET website - 


Is onboard graphics good enough for Photoshop?

Photoshop can run with onboard graphics, but be aware that even a low-end GPU will be nearly twice as fast for GPU-accelerated tasks. In addition, most onboard graphics can only use 512-1024MB of memory which is adequate for a single 1080p display, but if you have a display or multiple displays, we highly recommend using a dedicated graphics card.

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I will give some background on this site and the company behind it and behind their performance tests. This is a company that assembles pre-made computers for a very limited market. Their interest is to sell you equipment and profit from it. Their recommended computers for Leitrum start for example with 5900x and 3070 as a minimum. There is really no reason that photographers would have to edit only with such hardware. It's like someone who wants to enter the world of photography and be told straight away that without a1 or something on that budget so he will not be able to take pictures.

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Wait a minute.

I did not offer either 5900 or 3700, if anything, I downloaded And doubt in terms of characteristics and price.

So every site should take with a pinch of salt, but what about?

The quote itself says that an external video card is enough basic, And with all the modesty, that’s also what I suggest.


And as for the site, familiar to me for quite some time.

He is not perfect, but still the best of his kind in many creative interests of his kind.

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I may have misunderstood what the quote implies. Anyway I attached in a previous picture exactly how much it affects all kinds of filters compared to different video cards.

In practice a basic external video card can contribute a little to these needs, but it's a question of whether there is a real need for an upgrade at the moment or whether it will be used for other things. In any case, 1300-1600 shekels is not a bit of money and if it will be a noticeable and worthwhile upgrade, it depends on whether he still needs it.

As for the puget site then atone for them, they give you a free performance test and statistics that do not exist anywhere else.

Edited By Nir Roitman
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In my humble opinion, an external card yes or no amounts to a total in access :

Whether time is an important factor or not, in other words, 

Do you want a system that only drags or a system that is pleasant to work with,

Both as an operation and in terms of meeting deadlines and the quality of service.

This, beyond the freedom from such or other restrictions that can arise over time 

Used in software and also in future versions.

If the question is when to buy - 

So indeed prices are expected to fall, but ...

It's more in the segment of 3060 and north, not the card in question.

On the other hand, get a system now and put a video card later for a hundred shekels less ....

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Some things. The 1660 is not such a worthwhile upgrade if you think that maybe the 3060 will drop to a similar and reasonable price.

The 3060 for example is much better for video a few notches above.

Now for a system that only drags then that is not the case. It will be a system that can be used for fun, though not for games or edits .

Of course you should upgrade to a video card especially for other needs but I think the 1660 is just a waiver because now the prices are not realistic for much more advanced video cards. If the spinach developer would like to buy the 1660 and then sell the video card and upgrade then maybe that's an option.

As for times and how much it is a factor, I will attach 2 sample screenshots from what I attached earlier. This will give an indication as to how much time is actually saved and whether it is worth the money. There are time measurements here.




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In the particular case of the initiator of the discussion, video is not a consideration since it is once in ....


And do not know why, but again, go back to the quote I brought,

He says things most clearly (emphasized for your convenience).

I also worked with the built-in only once.

There is nothing to compare built-in to external.

Whoever wants to say otherwise, let them be disrupted.

I have nothing to say beyond what I have already said and shown.

This is my opinion, from personal experience.

She is an opinion like all opinions.


Do not buy a complete system.

Anyone who decides what seems to him.



In my opinion, as I have already said, 1660 whether regular or super, enough for the system.

On the other hand, I'm not sure it needs 300 and even less likely it will reach the price of 1660 today.


So the choice is whether to need an external video card at all or not.

If not, all is well.

If so, do not really see any point in waiting.

And another small note - after all the preparation or not, a fact with you, Nir, there is an external video card ......

Edited By A-10
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Show me I also went out "once" to work with built-in when I edited on the go. But the CPU was also weaker. So the experience was not something.

But here with the same array the differences that a video card will contribute are very small relatively.

Compared to a sample processor that contributes more in these programs.

I showed the numbers in the pictures and the measurement there is in seconds.

When for the segment I compared an old computer to my current computer then for example I saw a difference of several times the export times. This is very significant. This was a difference between export times of 500 raw edited to 24 megapixel jpg in less than 5 minutes compared to the same thing in almost an hour on an old computer. Here of course time is an important and significant factor.

But for example in most use of Editroom and Photoshop edits the difference between a built-in video card with the same system is almost non-existent and sometimes there is a plugin that is used once or a few times where it is a difference of a few seconds and not something that slows down the whole use or editing experience.

There will always be a reason why you should buy and upgrade. It's a question of budget management priorities.


Edited By Nir Roitman
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Obviously the most influential processor, I did not claim otherwise.

Nor will an external Chris turn a MD system into a Super A.

But it is also impossible to say that he has no weight at work.

Of course it depends on what exactly you do.

Without hurting, portraits are one type of work, and connecting panoramas or creating effects is another type of work.

So very much depends on what it is.

Anyway, still, I think an external video card is very worthwhile.

I think everyone presented their arguments.

Hence the ball in the field of photo.

Edited By A-10
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The truth is unrelated and this may be a place for another discussion that already exists in every overseas photography forum. But Adobe has not done enough to improve performance other than in recent years there are buds for it.

Still the use of hardware acceleration is a relatively new thing for her and also the use of multi-core is something that while in the last two years it is starting to take more advantage, but only for certain modules.

Now because you said portraits and compare to uses like panoramas, so because I also take pictures of landscapes and know how it works, I will also show the time differences between editing a panorama between a built-in video card without any hardware acceleration at all (even possible) and 3090.panorama.jpg.54f7f67bcc1e59708865601d32d1e45a.jpg

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Unfortunately the situation is not really encouraging there either. Just an example if we take the discussion on And women on the side. Note for example save times. By default, compression is enabled in Photoshop while saving. With compression the retention times on older computers can even reach times like 2 minutes for retention that you might do every 10 minutes. From a test I did in performance monitoring so it only uses only one core for compression saving. In most cases to overcome this, first of all you can reduce the amount of colors to 8 bits instead of 16 in cases where there is no editing and manipulation extended, and in addition you can turn off the compression altogether. In such a situation the guarding will be done within about 3-5 seconds. As one who saves every few minutes, then it's significant.

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