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I want the small screwdriver to be a strong pull magnet, and I will not drop small screws ....


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Hello you guys.


I do not know that here the forum is the right one to ask a question. I do not understand anything how it will work for me properly.
I will explain I have a very old 80GB SATA hard disk, I kept a hard disk in the closet for a long time.
It's out of order and not a broken ID. I do not need it.
What I need inside an old hard disk has a very strong magnet.
I disassembled everything hard disk. And I just took out a very strong magnet.
In the picture you see a magnet I marked a small part X green on the top it is a strong magnet. The back of the magnet does not attract a magnet.
Only the top in the picture is marked green X. A small part of a magnet does attract a strong magnet.
I wanted to ask you a question. The picture shows a small screwdriver attached. And there is a problem with the small screwdriver it does not have a powerful magnet power
A small screwdriver does not have a strong magnet and it is very weak and small screws such as screws fall Below is
Small screws.
How do you connect a strong magnet to a small screwdriver and give it a charge with a small screwdriver so that it has a small screwdriver in it and turns
Pull a strong magnet and hold small screws and I do not drop screws?
To which side a strong magnet to attach a small screwdriver that will give it a strong charge with a small screwdriver, is it a strong magnet in front marked
Top green X or a back connector that does not attract a strong magnet?
I tested a small screwdriver to attach it to a strong magnet in the back and it does not attract any magnet. do you understand me ?


Thanks in advance!






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Take a flat-blade screwdriver / tester, and detach the magnet with the X from the brace on which it is glued / attached

After that, when the magnet is alone, attach the screwdriver head to the magnet and it will magnetize.


Beat the screwdriver with a hammer with the screwdriver where the arrows are.





Or just put the head / tip of the screwdriver on 

On the side where there is the magnet in the evening, and in the morning you will have a magnetized screwdriver head.

Edited By A-10
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A light rub of a few seconds of the screwdriver head with a magnet will magnetize it.


but; To magnetize heads of screwdrivers usually use a dedicated device. The difference between it and just a magnet, it is a magnet with precise polarization, which makes it much stronger, and can also be eliminated in an instant with the use of a demagnetizer.


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Yes, I know that.

Obviously, the discussion opener wants to use a magnet from the hard, but might really prefer

Go for this device.

If you were chapping on a link or two .....

Edited By A-10
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Quote of A-10

Thank you so much for your help. Last night I put a small screwdriver connecting a strong magnet. And this afternoon I checked a small screwdriver and there is a magnet pulling force on my screws.

It works and works properly ... and I will also buy a magnet from the magnet / canceller for screwdrivers on the website


Thank you very much for the very invested and appreciative response


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