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Is replacing a thermal ointment with a video card worth the risk?


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Because it looks like I'm going to stay with the 980TI until the tickets Will return to MSRP which it may take until the launch of the 4000 series if not more

I decided to do some maintenance. The card heats up a bit and there is some thermal throttling in continuous and long use

I'm a little scared to do that because I realized you have to be very gentle in separating the body And also in cleaning around and the worst case of card damage

And getting stuck now without the possibility of playing at all will not really come in handy for me what also I do not have special screwdrivers. Do it with a technician?

I'm a little scared of them in general after the failures they did to me in the assembly they do everything too fast to finish and without delicacy at all (curved pins etc)

I thought maybe go to the lab to give them a token fee for using the screwdrivers and do it instead myself.



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Do not know a lab that will allow you to do this.

It is simpler and cheaper to order relevant screwdrivers from Mali Express or go to a store in the country and purchase a set of screwdrivers.

A matter of budget. There are good screwdrivers also at 25 NIS there are kits with interchangeable heads.


What you describe is not called a technician, is called Hafar. 

Like, we all make mistakes from time to time but if it's a way of life to overlap and hurry then it's haphazard. 


Replacing grease should not be complicated and is highly recommended, you can surely find a disassembly video of your exact model across the net.

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I do not recommend you do this if you can not find someone online who shows you exactly what you need to do if you have no experience with it, mainly because you can accidentally tear off a fan connection and then to comb something else will not be easy (also not impossible) But even if you do everything right there is a pretty good chance that beyond the thermal ointment you will also need to replace the thermal pads if any and there you need to know what the appropriate thickness is and order in advance.

If the problem is overheating I would recommend you to start by cleaning the card well and if it does not help then do undervolt or lower the power target of the card.

Edit: Anyway I personally did it on a few cards and it can be stressful at first but not very complicated and did not require more than suitable pads and a basic set of screwdrivers that I both bought from AliExpress (I ordered the screwdrivers regardless because I wanted a set that would fit all connections on phones / mobiles That I can mess with them myself).

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In the end I went for it. I saw some videos it was not exactly like me in terms of screws but I understood the idea. Which was indeed full of dust clumps like hardened dust and literally stained the PCB. One fan refused to go out and I did not want to take out with a pliers so I tried with 2 tweezers and it did not work I just cleaned the fan stayed connected it was uncomfortable but I did not want to insist on it I cleaned everything with a toothpick and wipe with alcohol or a combination of the 2 also with the wipe that came with the NT -H2 that did a better job. Since after I connected the card the fan screen turned at full power even though it appeared 0 in the sensor it took me a while to get over the problem but in the end I saw that I did not fully press the connection of the fan. Very great relief :) . Everything works smoothly and the card heats up less.

As for the pads, I did not know that they needed to be replaced as well. The body Itself touches only the core and the pads are attached to a thin iron plate that does not touch the body The big one then also does not know how much it is worth to replace them. 

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