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I built a bot looking for a PlayStation 5 inventory


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One day I said to myself “I’m tired of it being so hard to get here 5 At a reasonable price without selling your soul to the devil. I'm tired of sites always crashing before I have enough time to enter my credit information. I'm tired of always every people One step ahead. "And I sat down to learn Python from scratch just to build a bot that would give me the EDGE on the competition. And now I'm going to share it with you.

What does the bot do?

Samples every few minutes about 14 chains and online stores in Israel that sell with official imports and without prior lists using the first-come, first-served method. PS5 at the lowest price available in Israel today. Oh and the results he throws into the telegram channel.

Success stories

The telegram channel has a history so you can see for yourself but ... only in the last month have been viewed by the bot full of Number of times in Kravitz, Hitkzon, Hotstore, Azrieli, GameStorm, Gamestop (USA) and Bestbay (USA) and more. Also observed full more than once or twice of original charging stations of At Casp, Ivory, Bug, Amazon, Headphones for 400 shekels at Office Depot and more.

How to join?

Install a telegram and click on the following link.
Link to the Telegram channel: https://t.me/joinchat/WAu98kiKxxIwZjBk
Note that sometimes they have a bug that requires joining through the web or the physical app.

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