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Mobile keyboard

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Hi friend


Three questions:

1. On all keyboards of The backslash is above the Hunter key as opposed to regular keyboards that are on the left?

2. Is the size of the keys on the mobile different from a standard keyboard? I have a very hard time with blind typing because I feel like the keys are a different size.

3. What is the difference between the switches (I hope this is the concept). Mobile click is different. I'm still not sure if it's more or less convenient. Should typing be more comfortable on the laptop than a low-quality keyboard?

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1. No. Not on all mobiles.

There are some and there are some.

Some it "sits" right above the lunter, and some the backslash

Is above another key, i.e. between it and Enter separates another key.

And of course there are other kinds of arrangements, according to the imagination of the manufacturers.

It also depends with the Hunter is just a standard width key or grabs two rows of keys,

And so on and so forth.

The screen size also dictates the arrangement of the keys, not that 17.3 should be a problem,

but She sometimes chose to put the same keyboard on both 15.6 and 17.3, just the edges were different widths.


2. Obviously. You do not have the luxury of a standard keyboard.

A standard keyboard doesn't really have a limit on its width, or dimensions at all.

In mobile, as mentioned, it is dictated by the screen size and other technical considerations.


3. lol

You opened a Pandora's box.

It is clear that the mechanism is different.

Again, there is not all the depth that the manufacturer can afford in a standard keyboard.

With the key on the keyboard of Making a move of 1.7mm, it is considered a real wow.

Of course the required pressure and operating point and other Yamba parameters also make the keyboard

For successful / excellent, good, okay or not good enough.

And getting used to printing on a laptop is part of using it.

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Every time I want n \ I accidentally press the Hunter out of the habit that the key is there.

I will need time to get used to the size and location of the keys.


Are keyboards of Considered quality for simple regular keyboards? (I'm trying to figure out if it's better for me to work with it or connect an external Logitech mk270 keyboard that I'm relatively used to)

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It's pretty subjective, after all.

It is possible and there is a keyboard rating between the laptops and themselves.

Maybe they did, but I do not know, and the truth also sees no reason,

Comparisons between mobile keyboards and regular ones.

In short, like anything, good and excellent keyboards are or at least have been in the past ,,

In expensive computers, when the leaders in the field were considered the ThinkPad mobile of T series

Of various kinds, and also X.

However, not the Lenovo you have ....

Also stumps xps and other premium computers from other companies received good scores in the keyboard field.

I speak in the past tense because today everything is blurring in this area as well, and "good" really is already hard to find.


To the question of Tekel's -

Take some time to adjust to the keyboard of the laptop.

I do not think the laptop keyboard is less good than a simple keyboard,

But there are too many nuances between the two keyboards, and each one and his habits.

If it makes it difficult for you to get used to it, at least it's good that there are alternatives ....  :)

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