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For experts among you - urgent help regarding a faulty telephone


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This is a Galaxy s7 With 32g And with an external card inside of 120g


In recent months he has always warned of a lack of space. I did not have how and what to delete because everything is important. I barely deleted things and only recently and probably too late I just deleted more things and gradually.



It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post Started restarting himself on his own every time. Run and turn on alone in the middle of any application, web action Or just flipping through the phone.

In the last two days it has intensified frequently until it gets stuck on the logo of And did not want to light up at all (and was Full) until I released it by pressing the power button and the volume together.
When charging, it charges the battery to normal and at full speed.


Then I decided to reset to factory settings. Before that I did a backup to the best of my ability that I Not the most proficient.

I did not respond at all through a computer as it is not really working properly and another computer at hand was not so I have no idea what happens when connecting to the computer.


I did 2 backups. Do not understand the cloud and drive and all that. I have no idea what I did. I just agreed to sync everything with my username and made a backup through the username of my phone number - a backup that took about an hour and it seems to me that it's the phone's operating apps, but I don't see all the apps and files.


Then I went to boot to factory settings, and luckily it was written that it is recommended to make a smart transfer and indeed I made a smart transfer of the contents of the phone to the card My exterior inside my phone



After I did a reboot I did a reboot and sync with my username and barely Appeared and most of what I had on the phone does not include only 29 out of 100 and more bookmarks and pages Important notes and notes of the memorandum appeared in part.


I thought I did everything required and lost everything and then I clicked quite by chance (because I am not proficient in all this) on getting data from a recovery I did in the smart transfer, getting data from the card Mine, and indeed all the data and applications appeared to me.

But it is not known if everything. Was listed in the restore that you received data from the card Mine was finished and it just kept loading up the arrangement time and all the data on the phone. And there it stopped and there were 3 more minutes left and it stopped because the phone restarted itself again. And after he came up I was not registered for anything so it is not known if everything was transferred. At first glance it seems so but I do not remember every detail that was there. Did it move even though it stopped at the point I explained?



Other important things:
1. I had a private secure folder of In the external memory card in the phone.
Access to its visibility is only with a password that only when you click on the password, all the images appear in the gallery.

I put the same password I had then and it shows me nothing just an empty folder

I did not respond because it seemed to me that she was on a memory card at least a rifle if not all
Did she lose me permanently? And deleted? And why?


2. Everything was in vain the whole boot, and still the phone continues to restart itself. As for the charge it normally charges the battery. Why is this happening and what is the problem in your opinion?






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