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"8.00 (5.95 can be used) GB" fault on the GIGABYTE A320M-H board and other faults

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Quote of A-10


It has a processor -



So everything fits

Suitable for what?

This processor contains an APU that "devours" 2GB Without the option to set otherwise.

This APU is perfect for a home office. APU combines CPU and GPU into a single chip, so no graphics card is required. This APU will use 2GB of your system RAM as a graphics memory (as long as you do not use a video card), so make sure you get enough RAM for your build. When a video card is installed, and monitor is not connected to APU motherboard port, all of the system ram is available. It's easy to overclock this chip to about 4GHz with voltage increase to about 1.4V. While the stock heat sink is included, I have installed a bigger one that I already had for a nearly silent operation. It works well with 3200 MHz in XMP profile, but probably it does not benefit much from faster than 2666 MHz. I have tried, out of curiosity to run some benchmarks and games. It is capable to run newer games at almost 60 frames per second at 720p with low settings. If you want to play games with this APU, spend $ 40 on for a used video card and you will get 6-7 times faster game performance.

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@ Samuel Dekel

It is not recommended to change the memory allocation to the graphics processor. The chance that this will lead to problems in the future is greater than the theoretical benefit, and it is not even certain that in such a case you will remember that you changed it while trying to locate and resolve the problem.

If more memory is needed Because 6GB is not enough, the more reliable solution is to buy another 8GB module and not play with the system's allocation and memory management variables.

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