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Printer causes high ping

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So the situation is like this, everything was good and beautiful, I wanted to print something, I turned on the printer, suddenly the internet fell, I said case (da it happened several times, but I did not attach importance to it)
Anyway, since until now there have been high pings, I decided to really check if that's the reason.

I disconnected the printer, the internet boom returned to normal.


I have no idea

I'm connected to Bezeq, and use their B router (yes I know it's shit), anyway, the printer is connected to it directly and has a static IP address.

What can this be caused?

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It may be sitting on the same IP as another device on the network and this is causing the problem. You can restart it while disconnecting the standby power cord and reconnecting, or alternatively go into its network settings, and give it its own IP address on the local network that does not overlap with another address.

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