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Connecting a portable drive to the router be bezeq


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I have a bezeq router. 

It has a usb input c. I wanted to ask if this login can be used to share External or as a dnla server. I did not succeed...


If not, what is the purpose of this entry?



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Quote of HelpSupport

A simple sentence - Describe what you did and what instructions you followed.

Maybe the picture will help you - if you do not succeed, contact Bezeq, it is their responsibility - no?



I assume the image you attached is taken from the following guide:

Note that this is a guide unrelated to the bezeq router. When I wrote "I tried and failed" I really referred to these instructions - they do not work on my router. I also tried to go to the network in file explorer and under network infrastructure I get an HT-138-S device and when I click on it, it directs me to the address which is the address of the router, but I get the following caption:

interface flash


Dear client, Protects you with cyber service
In order to access the router interface, you need to download the Be Bezeq app
של In the app store


It seems that the next stop is to contact Bezeq. I doubt they will help me ...

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