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Blows while typing


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Wireless cable

Every two weeks there is an update of Windows. It's been like this for a few days so I have no idea if it's related to an update or just happened.


This happens when I type in Chrome or Excel, etc.

Recently Logitech replaced the old model I used to use and I with the new model of mk270. I do not think it started with its use, but I raise the possibility.


By the way, one more thing I suddenly thought of. I sometimes connect to PC Adapter with For Hawaii Pei. I noticed that I experienced quite a few disconnections (I did not use the adapter for a long time). Maybe there is a problem that- Not working properly? (Keyboard connected with dongle)

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Quote of A-10

Replaced / tested batteries?


The keyboard is a month old. I do not believe that the batteries have run out. I have another model like this that I do not use. Maybe I'll try it and see what if there are still glitches.

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Quote of ariel007


I also had this model, mk270, and I had the same issues as you describe, and in the end I went back to using a wired keyboard.


The old model (the one listed on the keyboard on the right side of Logitech) or the new one (the one listed on the right side logi)?

I used the old model for years and it was great.

I less like the new model. The keys are less comfortable to press and make an annoying noise.


There's no way I'll go back to using a wired keyboard. it's not comfortable.

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Quote by law89

The old model (the one listed on the keyboard on the right side of Logitech) or the new one (the one listed on the right side logi)?

Listed on the right is Logitech, if you say then it's the old model.

From what I understand, the keyboard transmits to the dongle in RF at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. This frequency is used by many devices - n-standard routers, cordless phones and more.

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I have nothing currently using this frequency.

Something interesting you wrote down - I experience all sorts of weird effects when the router is on and near the speakers. I wonder if it has to do with the keyboard and frequencies.

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The router is constantly transmitting. He can make interruptions as you describe.

The keyboard problem bothered me for a long time and that's why I went back to a wired keyboard. Maybe if you keep the router away from being close to the dongle of the keyboard then it will help, but no matter how much I tried to do it with me it did not solve the problem with typing so I gave up. Also connecting the dongle to the ports Others did not help

Edited By ariel007
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The problem with the keyboard is certainly not creating. In the last few days I have completely given up on the router and still have the problem.

I will check with the second keyboard and update.

I'm not 100% sure the problem is with the keyboard and it's not some kind of computer crash.

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