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Upgrade a stationary computer for gaming up to 4 thousand.

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My friend sold me a cheap video card  GTX 1660 SUPER 6 GB, So I am interested in upgrading my current computer so that I can reach the full potential of the video card.

The computer is basically designed for games like GTA5, Horizon Zero Dawn, Path Of Exile

These are the parts I think can stay:   https://pcpartpicker.com/list/pY8VVc    (I want to add another 8GB RAM)


I would love recommendations on motherboard, processor, CPU cooling, , And memory (add to maintain or buy new 2X8GB?).


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Thanks so much for the suggestion, I have some questions.

I heard there were some issues with the B560, do you know anything about it?

When cooling for the processor, you chose the cheapest available on the site. No need for more than that? Including what systems Others add that their price goes up?

And for me , Why 3000? Not 3200 or 3600?

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I do not know of any issues with the B560.
This processor does not consume almost any power and therefore does not need Better, Better not give you anything in terms of performance, maybe it will be quieter, but even that is not safe.

You can invest more in memory if you want and you will see a slight improvement in performance.

But before you buy let's just tell me what your current specifications are in general.

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This video is only relevant for processors that consume a lot of power and not a processor like the 10400f, anyway the exact same problems were with 460 boards just no one checked and did on it .

If you think that in the future you would like to upgrade only a processor without replacing a board then you will need to buy a more expensive board with a suitable power supply system, a simple Z590 board or a more expensive model B560. It usually does not pay to spend a few hundred shekels more just for an upgrade capability that chances are you will never use it. 

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I understood, thank you. I'll probably go then for the specs offered to me here. If anyone has any more suggestions or corrections I would love to. I will go buy on Friday probably all the parts, until then I am open to offers.

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Solves what? You want two CPU regulation slots .
The first slot is PCIE4 and 10th generation processors probably don't support it, if you could find 11400f that's what I would have been there for, but this processor doesn't really exist for purchase.

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