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Why my screen does not work


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Hi I have a second screen that worked. One day I disconnected the monitor cable and after a few hours I put it back, something I have already done many times, after I connected the monitor back to the computer he wrote me Entering power save mode and after, he does not get out of the cable.

The cable is a DVI-D connected to a female DVI adapter for a male DP, the adapter is new 

I checked that the cables are well connected 

I tried to connect another screen and it also wrote the same thing

Attached is the picture of the message on the screen I would love to answer, thanks240050828_.thumb.jpg.0062f5f46915d65348b611f64ecbe620.jpg

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So basically, just to know that I understood the situation correctly:


1) This is a secondary screen

2) The computer is connected to the main screen and everything works

3) The secondary screen does not work, although before when it was connected in the same way - it did work

4) The secondary screen does not work even when disconnecting the main one

5) Even when you connect another monitor as a secondary monitor, it does not work


So far accurate?

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So just to be sure my options are:

1) Try another adapter and cable.

2) See if there is a physical damage to the video card (at the inputs of the cables)

3) Delete and re-download the video card driver


Regarding (2) - I tried to connect the monitor through the input on the motherboard and had the same glitch 

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By and large, yes, these are the options.


(3) This is to rule out software issues (something went wrong in the settings)

(1) This is to rule out a hardware / adapter hardware problem

Regarding (2) - depends on how you performed the experiment. If you did it while the video card was connected - it does not necessarily mean anything, because most of the time the built-in graphics chip is inactive in this situation. If you disconnected the video card, connected it to the port on the board and it still gives the same result - this reinforces the hypothesis that something is wrong with the adapter / cable.

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I got to try today another screen that was so far connected on. This is not exactly your case, but it might be worth checking out:


I connected a DP cable to it and another cable to the monitor . All my attempts to figure out why he was not working were unsuccessful.

At the end I returned the And I hung up the other screen. It's on. I changed the connection to the DP from the screen settings and then reconnected both.

Apparently some screens do not automatically pick up the port.

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