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Buy internal HDD for media storage


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I have a 1TB drive that seems to me to be going to die soon.

I want to buy one instead, with 1 or 2 tera.

The main use - storage of Series and music, which I access either from the computer itself or from the smart TV (via the network).

I thought of going towards the seagate baracuda.

I have read some articles about the srm technologic. But I could not figure out if srm is good enough for my needs or not.

Can you recommend me if this model is good for me, or maybe there are other models?

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The manufacturer's stated technology does not really matter.

You should treat everything as hard as ever - can die at any given time.

Filled series and movies, which is less critical, but personal material worth backing up at least one extra drive.


Bottom line - cheap regulation and with as long a warranty as possible,

And I would recommend skipping straight to at least 2Tra.

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Quote of ElPelado

And in the last sentence I guess you meant 2Tra and not Giga right?


Fadiha !!!  : rolleye0018:


Yes, I meant 2Tra, of course.

I also corrected, for the sake of good order.



Quote of ElPelado

It seems to me better to have a large HDD rather than SSD קטן

Yes indeed.

For the purposes you specify, there is no point in - .

The hard is still much more lucrative and also built for it.

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