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This ? Is it possible to throw away all DSLR and RED cameras? Because iPhone 13 gives all the solutions !?


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From my point of view, most of the "reviews" with and without quotes referred to the improvement in the iPhone 13 compared to 12,

And as for what you wrote - I have already said and in my opinion it is agreed that the answer to the question in the title is "no",

Hence the comparisons are made more “in the home field” of the iPhone, where ostensibly it gives

Not a bad fight for professional equipment.

It's true that the (conditions) are unprofessional, but that's not the question at all, and I have not seen any ambition

Someone claimed the PRO GEAR came to an end because of it 13, these are more argument for my taste

Is that here, now photography has risen a step that gives good / reasonable results + in most cases.

Because what they do say on the net, that even if Wins in the overall score, it's only in points, and even if 

There are gaps, they are not that big / dramatic, against which I guess you have a lot to say ....

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Precisely on this Sony is perceived? This is generally a high-end video camera that is priced at $ 3,500, which also happens to be able to shoot Good quality. These YouTubers use it for photos for their channel so it was easy for them to make a comparison with the iPhone. If you already have to ask yourself why they do not use the iPhone for the purpose of producing video for YouTube if the camera there is so good. :) 


In general for $ 1,000 - $ 1,500 you can buy a toffee beauty of a Mirrorless camera + 1-2 lens not bad at all that will give you flexibility and photo options that you will not get with any cell phone, but it requires carrying a + Learning menus + Learning photography / editing.  

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I was not caught for anything .

Just in a few reviews appeared של ,

So I wrote " ".

I did not think that you would actually think I was "caught."


And to the very point -

Everyone and what suits him and his requirements / knowledge and budget.

Not always throwing equipment is a good idea,

Probably also in this case ....

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I should not have used the word "perceived." Sorry.


You don't just see the Sony a lot. It is in high demand among video creators. Work horse. 


Yesterday for curiosity I made a comparison between my Canon R6 and S20 in evening photography. The phone realized that this was a complex situation, switched to HDR mode and managed to take out a not bad image at all. In Canon I had to edit to get more or less the same image. Of course when doing peeping see that Canon's image is more detailed with much more fine details. On a small screen you see no difference. Aim for Samsung.


This graph shows everything you need to know. Ordinary users eventually abandoned the market long ago. The question is whether Will get to the point where they will also cause professional / amateur hardcore photographers to switch to a smartphone instead of their DSLR / Mirrorless. Time will tell. 


Personally, I do not see myself traveling for a trip just with a cell phone. In my opinion the possibility of using versatile lenses like 24-200 or even 24-300 + fast frame lens for motion photography in low light is more important than Automatic and seamless panorama sewing. 


On the other hand I see no reason why photography with Can't go alongside photo with Dedicated. Each tool has advantages and disadvantages. 








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In theory if you look at an array of cameras like Samsung has s21 ultra - so the range of the lenses overlaps between 13mm and 240mm without digital zoom.

So even in this section, then, anyone who wants to travel and have the option of both an ultra-wide lens and a zoom - then the phone covers the option for him.

Especially since the 24-200 lenses are not exactly the elite of optical quality (although much better than the phone).

In the end the only difference that will really differentiate between all the cameras is the quality of the sensor and the optics and sometimes the form of use and speed of use.

As for how to use and everything then I see a lot of those taking pictures with their mirrors through the big screen while stretching their hands so probably this is a sign that the phone is not that far from how to use them.

The best demo I can give is between a calibrated professional screen and a screen with maybe For gaming.

On the one hand someone like me who needs a screen with a calibration below 0.5 delta-e with maybe a hardware calibration so will not take a gaming screen that might cover srgb color space and more, but its level of accuracy or minimum brightness and other full parameters will not suit professional use for those who care Color accuracy and image.

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I wish it was like that, but we'm not there yet.


Manufacturers Managed to nail their "standard" 26mm lens. Once you go for ultra wide or lamb the quality drops drastically. 


The 24-200 lens has a continuous range of 24 to 200 mm. The cameras in Samsung or any other phone for that matter are like walking around with 2-4 low quality frame lenses and each time connecting it to a sensor of varying size. Not to mention the matter of optical stabilization that becomes Increasingly critical as the focal length increases + requires the use of a much higher minimum shutter speed which may increase the disadvantage of the small sensor. 


On the other hand in a dedicated camera every lens I archive will be connected to a full-frame sensor. The optical quality of a modern 24-200 lens is excellent


Plus the big missing is if the pace of camera development progress Will continue to be great from generation to generation or the momentum will slow down when they reach the limit of how much computational photography can compensate for a tiny sensor + poor optics. Which means you need to increase the sensor and the lenses. 


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