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Problem saving files


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Quote of mic3mic4

Q Option to format a specific hard disk partition (and not the entire hard disk)


Yeah, sure!

Through Disk Manager, right-click on the partition and from there select "Boot", or "FORMAT".



Quote of mic3mic4

Does this have a chance to solve the problem?


Ahhh, not sure.

Probably something more serious was knocked on the windows itself.

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The ground disk is of . I bought my computer (cannon) less than a year ago. After less than a month the hard disk dies. Warranty of course on the drive but not on the material. I wanted to die, but there was no way to drive another, so I have the same one, which of course I do not believe in at all. The question of whether it is possible to replace the entire drive now can solve it ...

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But the drive came out fine in the test by the manufacturer.

True, drives are not reliable components, but they are not always the problem.

The drive can be duplicated to another type / model / manufacturer for all its contents.

Is this what will solve the problem?

Wow, I do not know.

Given what you have written so far, it does not seem to me ....

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