Starting Midway: Intel's ARC Alchemist Cards Will Compete With AMD & NVIDIA Intermediate Models - Video Cards - HWzone Forums
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Starting midway: Intel's ARC Alchemist cards will compete with AMD's and NVIDIA's mid-range models


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The article does not provide any information 
Except for a ticket to Intel, no one really knows if it will really compete in Or Nvidia 
Not in quality, not in price?

There is no information I found in the article that would give me information about what the video cards of ?
In what color quality? Image ? Color depth? Types Support?
Nothing in the know.

So it is not clear what the article is about?

Something in the driver that will give me something? Driver options? Quality in the driver?
Something that is not in the competition?
Did you not mention anything?

How it contributes to video card 2.1?
How does this contribute to the sound experience? (Sound accuracy? Processing? ON LINE enhancement capability)
How does it contribute to Movies ? Games? 12 BIT color? (Color accuracy / color enhancement? Processing? ON LINE enhancement capability)
How does it contribute to Via HDR10 + or  Dolby Vision  
Can improve 4K conversion or ?

You are constantly focusing if at all on FPS regardless of the quality and accuracy of FPS 
Through online viewing 

Intel has added processing languages ​​to the processor 
AVX512-VNNI adds EVEX-coded instructions described below. With AVX-512F
What does it give me?
Unfortunately I was looking for software to take advantage of this processing online, I found nothing 

So why invest in a CPU + motherboard + memory That no one can point me to an advantage?
It's theoretical  Can use more information? Will it give me anything?
This is also what was said about the PCI-E 3.0 / 2.0 / 4.0 video card. In practice, processing speeds have no advantage over large bandwidth 

I can say today with a PCI-2 video card versus PCI-4 in movies + internet + browsers there is no difference 
That a person today has to pay 10,000 NIS for a new computer, does not consider it worthwhile 
And for games, it's better to play consulate for $ 500 than to spend imaginary sums on a new video card every year + a new computer. 

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